November 6, 2013

november 6

I am grateful for MY MISSION CALL.

Something happened yesterday ... I don't know what it was. It was just a normal day with a few wonderful things sprinkled in. But when I was in bed thinking about what I was grateful for, the list just wouldn't stop. I kept thinking of more and more things that Heavenly Father has blessed me with. My Spanish tutors, my speaking abilities, getting my homework done before today, having the scriptures to read, Heath Tenney being in Argentina, my call to Chile, the snow ... seriously, the list went ON and ON.

I woke up this morning excited to be alive.

I think I like this challenge.

Anyways, I decided to narrow down my list to just one thing today ... and the lucky winner was my mission call! I am sooooo grateful that I have it. When I am not feeling well or motivated or (insert negative emotion here) I just remember that I am going to be a missionary and that I can do ALL THINGS! It also has helped me to avoid emotional crisis with the boys here. It really has been a protection for me and a goal. This has been such a wonderful blessing in my life!

I am so excited to get to Chile and fully immerse myself in the Spanish there. I am excited to fully love the people that I get to know. When I think of Chile, I am reminded of how good Heavenly Father has been to me. I am glaad that I get to turn my life over to him for a few short months ... I know that he can make it better than anything I can ever imagine. And for that, I am grateful.

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