what's next?

President Uchtdorf gave a wonderful talk at the 2013 General Young Women Meeting. As I was listening to his words, I got a few distinct impressions, and one of them was to record where I want my life to be heading. I saw on one of my cute friend's blog a little page that had a list of her goals (short and long term) that she checked off as she accomplished. I think that the blog-iverse is a great place to share my goals, so that I have a little bit of accountability. So, without further ado ...


  • Pay off my first house
  • Buy a house every year
  • Become a Spanish teacher
  • Continue in learning at BYU
  • Work at the MTC
  • Return to the best mission in the world (CHILE CONCEPCION)
  • Remain worthy to be married in the temple to the hunkiest spiritual hunk
  • Work on the development of specific talents 
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Build the kingdom
  • Return to China
After that it gets kind of hazy. I'll probably update this list as time goes on (it looks pretty measly to me), but I figured that now is a good time to start thinking about my future! My biggest thing is keeping my sights set on the temple. I made that one of my goals when I was little and it has been instrumental in SO many ways! I know that making and keeping goals is such a wonderful way to be continually improving.


  1. I have read Jesus the Christ twice. and parts of it a third time. Every time i gain a little more understanding of my Savior and devlop a little better personal relationship with him.



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