November 5, 2013

november 5

I am grateful for REXBURG.

Budabuh? Are you serious, Laney?

Yeah, actually. I am. Even when my days aren't all that wonderful, I love the city of Rexburg more than I ever thought that I would. There is so much more here than the university (for that I am grateful, because if there wasn't I would probably lose my mind). As I've been here, my first ever home away from home, I have learned to appreciate the locals. They are generally super kind and willing to help with anything.

I also love the mountains here. They aren't the biggest ... they certainly do not compare to the Wasatch Range ... but they have their own majesty and power. When I walk home from the temple, I can look out and see all of the scenery and I ALWAYS tear up. I'm a big softie when it comes to those kinds of things. This is definitely one of the prettiest places I've been.

I love the cold. I love walking outside and feeling like my toes are about to fall off. Everyone else here complains about the cold, but I think that it makes me FEEL. When I am outside, I feel alive. There isn't any room to feel lonely or homesick because I'm worried that my hair is going to freeze solid. I am so grateful that it is finally winter in Rexburg! I'm pulling out the hot chocolate and am getting ready to hunker down here.

I love Rexburg's many places to eat. When I go exploring, it is usually to find something delicious and I am NEVER disappointed (except for yesterday ... when I went to the Crossroads on campus and tried their refried beans ... YUCK). Rexburg has TWO Taco Busses, a ton of places to get shakes and icecream, Costa Vida ... pretty much everything delicious. I am super stoked for the rest of the semester because there are so many other things to try! (I haven't had Chinese yet ... and I haven't had Thai).

I do love Rexburg and I am grateful to live here. Rexburg is like a revelation. I'm still not sure if I'll be returning to BYUI after my mission, but I just love that I can feel the spirit everywhere I go. It is such a good environment to be in!

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