November 12, 2013

november 12

I am grateful for TECHNOLOGY.

I think I should take a step back and mention that I am not a huge advocate for using technology all the time. In fact, sometimes the new things that are being developed for the technological world scare me to no end. However, I am soooo grateful for technology because it helps me to stay connected with my friends and family. With text and email and Facebook being so convenient, it makes it really, really easy to connect with others that I might have lost contact with.

For example, yesterday I got two emails from missionary friends of mine (Heath and Jess). I love them both! It made me so happy to hear for them. Heath is finally in Argentina, but he had a hard, hard week. It is heartbreaking to read about, but it was nice to hear that he was alive and learning. Jess had an amazing week! She's only a couple of hours away from me ... which is bizarre to think about. I am grateful that technology can take a distance of a few hundred miles (or a few thousand miles) and make the gap so tiny that I can feel every triumph and cry for every frustration and setback. I'm going to be on a mission in just a few weeks! AHHHHHHHH! I'll be experiencing this stuff, too! I seriously can't wait.

I am grateful for technology because it makes finding information so much easier! I am currently making some delicious Pastel de Choclo for Spanish class (like, right as I'm typing it's in the oven). In the ancient days, I am not even sure what I would do to find that recipe. I guess I'd look in a library for a Latino cookbook? But now, I just typed in Pastel de Choclo on Google and more than a million results popped up. How incredible is that? I wonder how people of even a century ago would respond to this increase of information and networking.

I am also grateful for technology because it made changing my major incredibly easy. Yesterday, I sauntered into the Language and Letters office and said, "I'd like to change my major to Spanish education." In a few clicks, my major was changed and my minor was declared. I headed over to the library, and, with a few hundred more clicks, I changed my grad plan. I haaaaaate, hate, hate doing that kind of stuff. When I made my grad plan for Elementary Education, I basically followed the sheet exactly and planned out my classes. However, this time, I had to consider when I would be testing out of Spanish classes (because I will be fluent in just a year and a half) and when I would put certain classes together. It stressed me out ... just a little bit. But as I was doing it, I realized how much easier it was for me to accomplish than it would be without technology. Awesome. I also felt so good about it as I walked away from the library.

Because of technology, there are things called Mormon Messages that you can watch from the comfort of your own home. My dad shared one with me a couple of days ago that I really loved.

This video was PERFECT for my whole "changing my major" situation. I really did pray about being an Elementary Education major. I felt good. So good that I had a burning feeling in my chest testifying to me that this was an acceptable path. However, when I started down the road, I didn't feel that warm, fuzzy feeling of the spirit. Instead, I felt confused. I didn't really like my Education class that I was taking, and I realized that I didn't like the idea of taking all of the classes required for the major. Elementary Education isn't something that people go into for all of the money that you make ... it is something that requires love. And I just wasn't feeling that love. I am so grateful, though, that Heavenly Father allowed me to go down the WRONG path, to be sure that I was on the RIGHT path. I know that I needed to be a Spanish teacher all along. It is something that I love and am interested in. I can't shut up about it because I am so excited.

Life is really awesome when you notice all of the wonderful things in it.

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