November 11, 2013

november 11

I am grateful for THE MILITARY.

I grew up in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, a military base. Although my parents were not a part of the army (we were one of the few families that weren't), I witnessed first hand the sacrifices that people had to make so often for the protection of our country. I babysat for mothers whose husbands were deployed or who were temporarily stationed elsewhere. I stood and said the pledge of allegiance every Friday in school with students who had to move every couple of years because of their parents change of duty stations. I learned to respect the wonderful men and women who serve our country selflessly through constant interaction with them. I miss that here at BYUI.

I come from a line of military veterans. My great grandpa fought in World War II and he's kind of my hero for that. I love to listen to him talk about "when he was in the war" because it just makes history seem so real. He was a part of D-Day and got shot in the jaw. He bargained with Heavenly Father for his life. Holy cow, I am grateful for him! Both of my grandpas fought in the Vietnam War and I am also grateful for their sacrifices. It's awesome to come from a line of patriots! I really am proud to be an American. Although America isn't perfect, I am grateful for those who are willing to die to protect it and what it stands for.

Short post ... but I don't think I can put my gratitude any other way. Thank you, soldiers -- past and present!

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