September 15, 2013

just living the college life

What an interesting day. I woke up at six thirty after a super late night and went on my first bonefide college run. Walking out of the locked gate without any permission felt so ... so ... liberating? I don't know. It just was really awesome. I'm not sure how awesome running in the morning will be AFTER it starts to snow four feet. I jogged up the hill to the temple and saw the MOST amazing thing.

The temple and the sunset-- my TWO FAVORITE THINGS ... combined. It was so awesome to jog around town and get to know the area. There really isn't much here, but there are so many ways to get involved. I am still loving Rexburg. It is so special here.

I came home from my run to a broken shower. I turned it every way I knew how, but to no avail. Luckily, my roommates invested some money in a water pitcher ... so I made do with what I had. In process, I was really feeling sour, but then I started thinking about how funny the situation was and I started to laugh. I've finally made it to dorm living. I'd imagine that it's similar to what it will be like in Chile, so it's great practice. And George the Plumber came to the rescue and helped us immensely.

We finished up Get Connected this morning -- and I loved it. This morning was sooooo spiritual, and I really felt like I am supposed to be here. It's so nice here; everyone is ridiculously friendly and on their best behavior.

After Get Connected, we (Ryan, Mara, and I) basically just explored campus for a few hours. It was way fun. It was Megan's birthday, so we baked a cake in our oven! It was delicious -- and it was real food. I really only have cheese sticks, ramen, and bread and peanut butter to my name. The I-Night extravaganza was super duper fun. There were a lot of cool activities and it was fun to get to know my friends a little better. The dance was a great way to de-stress. AHHHHH.

Church is tomorrow. I need to go to sleep.

I think I'm going to have a good time here.

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