September 15, 2013

fine day, sunday

I love Sundays. This one was pretty spectacular. I feel like I'm repeating myself so much, but I love this school.

I woke up super early again and got ready in our WORKING shower. I ate a bagel. I leisurely curled my hair (which took about three thousand minutes because I don't usually do that). I cleaned the kitchen. I read the scriptures and a book called A Marvelous Work and a Wonder (which really is marvelous). I sat on the couch and read a General Conference talk about the priesthood. It was such a sweet way to spend the morning. The anxiety that usually comes from waking up a few minutes before church was totally absent.

After a super delicious breakfast of pancakes, we headed off to church. Currently we're meeting in the Kirkham Building on campus with a whole lot of freshman and a couple of older kids that live off campus. It was so exciting to me to be in a student ward. In church, for me, I don't get to experience a lot of new things ... simply because I've been a member my whole life, but this was something I had never done before. I didn't know what to expect or who I would meet, but I was ready to jump in and experience it like nobody's business.

I met a few people before church (because awkwardly hanging out without talking isn't really my thing) and after some super insightful talks about how to have a great time at BYUI, I asked them over to dinner. This has pretty much been my dream since the beginning of time. I love the idea of making college a homey place. It just is a quaint notion.

The student ward was a little different than I thought it would be, Screaming babies didn't run up and down the aisle. Insightful comments were made about every three seconds by the same people. The talks were amazing and the lessons were great to. Not much of the conversation involved "When I was on my mission ..." It was pretty different, but it was pretty much the same as my home ward. EFY feelings of giddiness and a willingness to show off scriptural knowledge abounded. It was awesome.

I HAD RAMEN FOR LUNCH; exciting, I know. We got to know the Bishopric after lunch. Toured campus. Played with ridiculously cute kids. Boys came over for dinner. It was so happening.

It's crazy to think this all happened today.

And for real school is happening tomorrow. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

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