September 11, 2011

new pics & some lovely thoughts

So, we got new pics of Minsy a few days ago. The scene (from my memory) went a little something like this ...

Cue flashback!

Laney sits diligently working on a paper for school work. Suddenly, her mother (also working at a computer) gets reaaaaaally happy really fast. Laney jumps up to look at the computer and then melts into a puddle ... The End.

But seriously ... I just CAN'T get over her little smile! Or the way she looks a little Asian, but a lotta Blau. It really just makes my heart happy, even with that semi-naked oriental man in the background. She is a darling little girl and I CAN NOT WAIT to go see her in person! Can you tell? Maybe my frequent posting about a girl I have never met might have given it away. Or the ribbon board that was supposed to be finished six-weeks from now that is already bursting at the seams.

I really love this little dumpling, m'kay? Give me a break.

It is officially Sunday ... and midnight before a Sunday. So I should probably be getting to bed.

Now. But life is just too wonderful to miss eight hours of.

Well ... six hours of sleep. It's true though ... I LOVE LIFE. It's going pretty wonderful right now. And the other day I had hot chocolate for breakfast.

My favorite season this year is going to come with a TON of blessings. When turkey day (and the beginning of the Christmas season!!) finally rolls around, I know I will have a ton to be grateful for.

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  1. She is so sweet, and I am so happy for your family. What a special little girl! I am also happy to hear how HAPPY you are, it's amazing how wonderful life can be when we know we've made correct decisions...sounds like Homeschooling was exactly what was right for you! You should be proud of yourself :)



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