September 7, 2011

in which laney ventures to learn something oriental

Today, I learned some very valuable lessons.

1. Calligraphy is not as easy as it looks. Yeah, I assumed that it would be like Sagwa the cat easy. It ain't so! Especially for a girl that strives for perfection but lacks patience.

This was not my first attempt, but it was FAR from perfect.

I think of all of my papers, THIS IS MY FAVORITE! Looks much, much better. At least to me ...

2. Chinese children songs can be extremely depressing. For example,

This one is about an ugly doll that can't do anything and doesn't have a mother or father. Fortunately for the doll, I will love it and be both it's mother and father! (Apparently . . .)

Two tigers ... one without an ear, and one without a tail. How strange! (Those are actually the basic lyrics of the song. Whodathunk!?)

But these songs are actually helping me to notice subtle voice changes and different, basic Chinese words. I hope that when Minsy actually comes, I will be able to sing and communicate little things with her ... Even if those little things are only numbers.

3. There is a reason Asians are smart. I mean ... the writing ... as a child. Holy COW!!

4. My new life goal is to live among the people of China for a year teaching English before I go to college. I will then start up an orphanage and make a little bit of money helping people to get through the adoption process smoothly. (Or so speculated my father and I as we sat at lunch in a crowded Wendy's).

Obviously, getting Minsy home is starting to occupy every single person in the Blau household. I catch Savannah humming the tune to "Ni Wa Wa" and Hyrum seems to talk an awful lot about pandas ... Here's to praying for a speedy TA (travel approval)!

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