August 18, 2011

straw poll: part two

As we approached, the grounds of Iowa State University, it looked desolate.

There were no humongous white tents, there was not an odor of fair grounds, and there were only twenty or so cars parked in 20 lots designated for the Straw Poll. Since I had to sleep in the car, I made quite a fuss about wanting to eat. Looking back on it, I wish I had waited just a little bit to want food, because I got STUFFED later in the day.

So, we traveled to the nearest Burger King. I grabbed some French Toast sticks, and we waited while my dad's phone was charging.

And when we returned to the Iowa State grounds, I wished that we hadn't gone to Burger King. Suddenly, there were at least a hundred cars. I got why my dad was a little frustrated that I needed to eat that very second. We didn't leave without getting some pictures near the news busses though. 

We tried to grab a tee-shirt at the entrance from Tim Pawlenty, but they told us that in order to get a tee-shirt we would have to register to vote at the poll. Not knowing anything going in, we replied that we would and that we would return right after we signed the form.

It turns out that to vote, you have to be from Iowa and you have to be eighteen, which knocked out ... all of us. But we were still there for the JOURNEY. That was the important thing. Naturally, we went to the abortion stand next, followed by the NRA. 

See that blob that is being put up against my face? Not to be too graphic or anything, but that is supposed to be a fetus. Too graphic? Well, you might not want to read the next little fun fact: they were hours and hours of fun. I had quite the fascination with taking my little fetus's and putting them up against peoples cheeks. Those babies were really friendly.

We got a lot of bus pictures before any people actually arrived. The candidates didn't show up until we had been at the fair for TWO stinkin' hours. But when they did come, it was worth it. Because I got to meet them, and I think that might have solidified my newly found status as a Republican.

Whether they were ... not actually presidents. (Paul Revere showed up! How cool is that? He was a die hard Tea Party member. Can you tell? His flag even read, Don't Tread on Me. I got a kick out of that little history lesson. Thanks, Paul.)
 Or candidates I had NEVER heard of.
 Whether they liked the homegrown peaches, like Rick Santorum.
Or nice industrialized ground up cow meat.
 Here is Michele Bachman, up close and personal. My mom thinks she's a cuckoo ... and even if that is true,
She was one of the only candidates who had time to take a picture with some people that couldn't even vote for her.
Along with good ol' Paul (we're on a first name basis now), our nations finest President Abe Lincoln also showed up. But unfortunately, the camera's called to me before I got the chance to get all chummy with him.
 I think political TV might be my calling.

We got these really cool shirts that everyone seemed to love. In fact, I think one of the crazies I met wanted to scalp me for it. And I bet she would have stolen my hair too! The indecency!

Rick Santorum was the coolest guy, simply because he had a bagpiper and a convict for entertainment at his tent. He sounds like the man Washington needs right now.

 Here is T-Paw's wife. She was awfully kind.

 We are waving the Iowa flag, of which we had no right to hold. Ah well, America supports any kind of patriotism though ... right?

Hey, it's my man Rick again! What a cool guy!!

All in all, I had a fan-freakin-tastic time. Even though my feet hurt and our stay in Iowa was three times less than the drive it took to get up there, I still had a great time getting to know the candidates. I guess they are my future, so I had better start actually caring about politics soon.

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