August 22, 2011

livin' the good life

I woke up this morning and I had a little fit of giggling.

There is a possibility that this is simply from being too tired, but I'd like to think it's because I am so pleased with what has been happening around the house as I've been getting home schooled. It's no where near what I expected, but it is a good way to live none the less. Here is a tentative schedule of how my days have been mapping out for the past five days.

4:30 AM Time for seminary! The alarm blares and Savannah hops out of bed. I really don't have to, because I am not trying to look nice and pretty. I jump in the shower and blow dry my hair. That's the morning beauty routine for me, and I bet my face is thanking me -- although I'm not so sure the people that see me are.

5:00 A little bit of Facebook surfing over breakfast never hurt anyone, right?

5:30 I leave for Seminary with Savannah after kissing mom and dad goodbye.

6:35 Seminary is over and I start dropping the chillin's off at school.

8:30 I really think I need to brew some herbal tea before reading Pride and Prejudice. It just seems to fit.

9:30 Work out at the Ark! We just got a membership today and it is AWESOME! I am so excited to get in shape and try out all of the equipment they have there.

10:30 I begin working on Language. Really, that's all I have been working on consistently, because I a.) hate Spanish, b.) only have to run for jogging, c.) I don't have my Trig textbook yet.

12:30 Lunch and more work.

3:00 I'm giving myself a break to go clean my room and maybe read. Then it's back onto the computer to type out things that need to be done (letter of recommendation, paper, etc.).

After that, I am pretty much free to do whatever I want. I have specific goals that I want to have accomplished each week (5 lessons of language done this week, review jogging, 3 lessons of Spanish, finish quilt), but my schedule is completely flexible. I love it, and I love the time I get to spend with my parents before I have to go out to college. Yay underachievement! Huzzah, homeschooling!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a pretty wonderful schedule to me! Maybe you can teach us all a little spanish on your blog, since I am sure you will be fluent by the time the year is over! :)



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