August 29, 2011

babysitting marathon, and other things

"Please bless daddy, and mommy, and Calvin, and Hobbes ... and Miss Laney ... and Calvin ... and Hobbes. Amen."

I wanted to die when I heard one of the little ones I was babysitting this week prayed over the Mac and Cheese. I am pretty sure in naming all the REALLY IMPORTANT people, he forgot to bless the food ... but, eh. It's the thought that counts.

It seems like this past week has been FULL of babysitting adventures, mostly for service, some for pay (cha-ching!), and to be frank, I am pooped. Even though I didn't get much done at all. But how can I resist when these opportunities are calling my name? I got to volunteer 4/7 days of the week last week, and that combined was enough hours to help me finish my honor bee for personal progress! WAHOOOOOO!! But seriously, that was forty hours of hard-core, involved service.

So, on week two of the homeschooling adventure, I'd say we've come to a grinding halt. But on the church side of things, things are looking great!

Oh, and by the way, I am planning on avoiding making this an adoption blog, simply because (as aforementioned in my last post) my mom is way more eloquent. But I would like to talk a little more about my feelings as I have had a lot of busy time to ponder what in the world is happening.

I recently started reading a blog by a family that lives in Utah (but isn't Mormon -- Go figure!) that adopted from China. I loved reading about their experiences, even when it was taking away precious time for me to sleep. It got me super excited to go see Minsy -- to finally tickle her and to cuddle with her and to comfort her. Before, I had a difficult time wrapping my brain around what China would be like, but thanks to the Morningstar's, I think I have a better idea.

I also recently started becoming a frequent visitor to the Gymboree website! Their stuff is sooo cute and I love imagining Minsy in little clothes. I guess I know what my parents mean when they say they want to live vicariously through us. I never really was into dress-up when any of my little sisters were alive, so I am excited to make little things for her and to shop for her.

All of these experiences are bad for my wallet, but great for when I have kids in the future! :) Here's to wishful thinking ...

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