August 30, 2011

five reasons why: i love homeschooling

1. It is so relaxed. Just as my last post implied, it's pretty much easy living here at the Blau house, especially when no one is here. It is quiet, calm, and peaceful, which has been taking some getting used to.

2. It makes me feel grown up! I know I'm getting near the age where I really am a grown up ... which scares the living daylights out of me, but I still feel like a baby. With the added responsibility of "Laney, you must do blah, blah, blah today or else ..." I feel like I have so much freedom! I can be me, and I don't have to worry about petty school things. Waaaahoo! PS, it seems like this "growing up" thing has made me more able to drive on post! I didn't get lost once today!!

3. I have a lot more time to enjoy the little things. For example, I went on TWO walks with Hyrum and Joseph today, and I laughed myself silly because they are too darn cute. I have been able to go on an empty tank for more than a day. I love looking at the sky while I am at home alone. Cookies are my new food staple. It really is the little things that count.

4. I can work at my own pace. I guess this kind of goes with 1&2, but honestly, it deserves a place of its own. Gone are the days of busy work and needless activities. I am 5/17 of the way done with my Language course, which means that I could technically be done with a whole semester of Language in 12 days. I'm not guarunteeing that it will happen, but it can't hurt to set goals right?

5. I am happy. There, on the side of the screen is my archive. Click back on January or February and you will be able to see what I mean. While I am in school, it seems like it zaps out all of the happiness in my life and I'm left with a weeping, lazy mess that still has to participate in 5,000 extracirriculars. Granted, I miss about 3 of those, but there will always be opportunities for growing later.

So, yeah. I love it. It's a little harder than I thought it would be, but I'm getting there. There is a reason for this (because why would Heavenly Father tell me to do it if there wasn't? Helllllooo, I think he wants me to go to college after all ...) and because I know this, I am willing to endure the bad parts and relish the good parts! Yay!

For your enjoyment, here is a HILARIOUS video I caught of JoJo with his pet Walk. It used to be a Fly, that is, until he pulled it's wings off. May he rest in peace.

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