June 16, 2011

of failure and facelifts

So, you know ALL of that time that I promised I would have to blog?

You know, the lazy summer days that would be full of potential and definitely FULL of great blog posts? Yeah ... I'm am just going to say it STRAIGHT up -- I was delusional when I said that. Not only was I going to CHICAGO for an extended stay, I also had a couple of camps thrown in the mix. But recently, I read this book called the Happiness Project. It was REALLY good, and really inspiring to me, although my mother said, "I would never read something like that." (Edit: My mom misunderstood my meaning ... she actually was referring to self-help books in general ... It wasn't that she doesn't want to be happy.) It actually had a LOT of good tips that I have been implementing in my life that WORK, and one of the things she did was create a blog. Well, I've already done that ... so that step wasn't hard completing ... But the kicker for me was that she maintained it -- she worked with layouts and pictures and she also posted 6 days of the week.

So, point taken. It's actually been weighing on my mind that I haven't been posting regularly, because I feel like such a loser when I don't. Even though I know barely ANYONE reads, it's very relaxing for me.

What have I even been up to that consumes so much time?

To be honest, nothing much. I have been cleaning my Nandy's house a lot, Spanish is consuming my life, and I get a LOT of beauty sleep. But most of the time I am just chillin'. And reading ... it has actually become my solace again! I love curling up with a good book that I want to read, but school drives pleasure reading out of my life.

Pictures would serve my purpose a LOT better to tell a story, so I suppose that will be the remainder of my post ... enjoy -- and beware! Click on pics to make them bigger!

Chicago Trip

I loved Chicago! The city had such a CHARACTER. You could see people jogging all around, and although it wasn't New York City, it had a special charm of it's own. I especially liked the older side of town, where we went to the Comedy Sports workshop, the Blue Man show, and ate pizza. It was SO beautiful, and I don't think I have any pictures that really do it justice. This was just a GREAT trip, with so many great opportunities! I would definitely go back if I ever had the chance.

Trek 2011

I LOVED TREK! I still ache for the super green OK plains and sleeping outside. I even miss the hot and sweaty outfits ... But I especially miss my family, the Trubles. They were so incredible, and I can't believe how much each and every one of them have altered my life. I love the pioneers, and I respect them so much more now that I have done this trek. It was hard! But at the end I still felt really, really, really inadequate. We had porta-johns for goodness sakes! (Actually, I went in the woods too ... not to be too graphic. Just sayin' -- I'm no SISSY. :D) On that lovely note, my testimony of the gospel has grown so very much! Also, I feel like I have so much more gratitude to my pioneer ancestors, modern appliances, and my family. It was just the right kick-off to my kick-butt summer!

This is the Truble Family! Pa, me, Jenica, Ma, Rachel, Jake, Keenan, Ben, and Shauna. Yeah, we were a pretty hot looking family. Missing is Cheyanne and Flour Baby Lucy who died late into the second day.

This photo was taken after a TREMENDOUS rainstorm that almost blew our tents away! It also showed how our darling, angel sister Cheyanne could come back to us and help us along the trail.

Second Morning's breakfast. Pa got us an awesome looking glass thing that I can never remember the name of. Long live undercooked (or RAW) oatmeal!

Taken after a nap under the wagon during one of our various potty breaks. It was surprisingly comfy, which is how you know we were out of our minds by the second day.

Ben was always late during EVERY bathroom break. This picture was an often occurrence.

This picture was taken by Pa Truble (Brother Tripp) while the women had to pull alone. That was SO hard, but we were able to make it through when we all pulled together!

Pioneer children really did sing as they walked ... and walked ... and walked ...

This stance was one that I could be found in quite often. I promise, I pulled half of the way! I definitely gave my muscles some toning.

Thank you for being so patient with my slowness. I make no promises, but there will be more of me in the future. :)


  1. I can't believe no one has commented. Anyway, who cares if very few read your musings. Write for YOU!!!

  2. Jordan beat me to the first comment! and I read your musings and I love them! What a great post (I am interested to hear some of the other things from this happiness project!!) I hope you post some more about that too! I also love the pictures...You have done at least two things I never have (I am sure many more than two actually)...I have never been on a Trek and I have also never been to Chicago! It sounds like summer is off to a very good start!

    Love ya!



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