May 10, 2011

school year's end

When I'm close to tears at a Thespian Picnic, I know it's the end of the year.

When I start panicking and laughing hysterically because I am too relaxed, I know it's the end of the year.
When I start planning outfits for my summer activities, it is definitely the end of the year. (And time to find a new hobby).

I'm having some bitter-sweet feelings about the end. At the beginning of the summer I felt like I needed to get home schooled because I didn't feel like this year was going to be good at all. I didn't want to loosen up with my standards and all the good feelings that I had experienced during the year. I didn't want to face the friends that I knew I would have to drift from.

But something encouraged me to stay.

And even through one of the hardest years of my life, I think I know why I needed to stay. Through my trials this year, I have been blessed with such strength. With every emotional break-down, I have been able to be lifted up and built to be a better person. As I have tried new things and met new people, I have been able to grow as a person.

So, while I go and have one of those emotional breakdowns again, I hope that everyone I have interacted with this year knows that even though I am a tight-wad, try-hard, Mormon, you made me better in every way! :)


1 comment:

  1. I have been out of the loop and meaning to catch up on your blog!!

    You should be proud of yourself Laney, those experiences have obviously made you the person you are....I am not sure I could have gone through the same thing at 15/16 as you did and done it with grace. Love ya!



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