April 2, 2011

the great prom dilemma

At our school, we have this wacky tradition that states, "Thou shalt not go to prom before junior year. At least, unless thou art asked by an upperclassman." Generally, I don't mind this rule. I mean, I am not really looking forward to my own senior prom, so this didn't seem like such a big deal to me. However, two weeks ago someone asked me, a lowly sophomore to prom ... which left me with a big question.

What do I SAY?

First of all, this kid is one of my better friends (not really my best friend but not an acquaintance) and so I didn't want to disappoint him. I've known him for a pretty long time and he gives great hugs, but the relationship is purely platonic. I figure that if I did go with him, nothing awful would happen and I would most likely have a good time. But to be honest, the whole idea of prom with him ... it intimidates me. I keep thinking about the what ifs, and they make me want to curl up in a ball and never leave my room. My parents keep telling me that the idea they've instilled into my mind of devilish dancing and music is not really true.

Boy, am I having a hard time believing that.

Also, I told this guy that he had to find 5 couples to go with us to the pre-prom stuff so that I would feel comfortable. Is this unreasonable? I didn't think so, but he does ... And so I've been informed that if he doesn't find the couples, he's going to go with someone else. It makes me feel a lot better that he wouldn't try to make me go for one less couple or even two (as far as I know, he has three couples). He respects my guidelines (or my dad's) and that makes me respect him that much more. What a nice kid!

If he doesn't find the couples, than I guess its no big deal. I don't have to find a modest prom dress -- phew -- and I don't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable the whole time. I'm not wishfully dreaming about this lovely state of mind, but I hope that everything works out ... That's what is supposed to happen ... right?

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  1. I agree with your parents :) but I have been in your shoes as well, and know the feeling. It's an awful position to be in, but at the same time it helps us stretch ourselves. Obviously if this boy respects you enough to find 5 couples for you to group with, and he is a good friend - he would hopefully respect you and your values just as much on prom night. Prom is fun, and it's all what you make it.

    My SR prom I got asked my a Sophomore. At first I was totally embarrassed that a SR didn't ask me (and our whole group was Sophomores). But I have fond memories of that night, and it was a good experience for me. It's all about how you view it! Good luck! (plus, every girl loves getting dressed up at least a LITTLE bit :)



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