April 3, 2011

it is decided

The other day, I discovered this really funny guy on youtube. His name? Charlie McDonnell -- the link to his website is in my reading, and I HIGHLY suggest you click on it ... especially if you like attractive guys with cute accents. As I was saying, today I was fangirling out over his videos, and I noticed that the quality of his videos got considerably better as the newer episodes have gotten released. I poured over his website trying to find out what happened. It couldn't have been magic ... at least, that is the least likely result that I could imagine. And then, after much searching, something magical occurred to me -- he obtained a new camera!

Actually, that fact in itself isn't really that exciting. The quality changed, he got a new camera ... Duh. But the fact that I was looking for a super cool camera and he just happened to have a said super cool camera was something I couldn't pass up. It was fate guiding me with her, or in this case his, gentle hand, beckoning me to get the camera. So, under the influence of a celebrity of sorts, I have decided the camera that I am to be obtaining soon.

Can I get a drum roll please?

The Canon EOS 60d! From it little product tester thing, it has incredible photo taking abilities and cool add ons. The only problem? It cost's a whopping 1,000 dollars! That's not too bad though. I happen to have half of that in savings in a bank account I've been using for practically my whole life ... It's acquiring the other half that will take some work.

Despite the obvious challenges, I'm excited to have a real and legitimate goal to look forward too. Maybe this will add some purpose to my currently loafing while trying not to have a mental breakdown existence.

BONUS -- Here's a video from Charlie's youtube page. One of my favorites!


  1. That is a great goal! We have a Nikon D5000 and love it!!! You will never regret getting a DSLR (although your pocket book WILL feel it!). hehe

    I always wish I had an english accent, when I was younger I use to mimic one all the time (and make people think I was actually from England)...they probably thought I was just crazy. But in my own mind I was even that more awesome! haha

  2. Charlieissocoollike is just fantastic. If you're looking for a good DSLR for a better price I would suggest the canon t3i. It's got the flip out screen just like the 60d and is a couple hundred moola cheaper :D That's the one I'm going for (more for the video aspect)

  3. Sister Stockhoff -- You should go on an add for cameras! That comment just made me that much more excited about eventually getting a camera. :) And I definitely know how you feel about the accents. I actually have to catch myself when I talk to people so I don't start speaking in some strange foreign tongue.

    Sarah- WE CAN BE MATCHERS!! The cheaper aspect of the t3i seems to be verrrrrry attractive to me, but then if I got it I would feel like I was cheating or stealing from you. We'll see how it goes. :)



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