February 27, 2011

sunday's best: get off the train tracks!

"Mommy? Why is Laney on the Train Tracks?"
Wow ... today was the first time in a long time that I was able to sit through Sacrament Meeting and really pay attention for a while. Usually my mind is focused on other things like reading the Ensign or talking and joking with my sister, but I felt as if today I should listen. As I did, I learned some incredible things -- things I have been thinking about recently.

The theme was agency. Making your own decisions and then relying on the Lord to help you to make the right choice. All of the talks were great! I especially liked one Sister's talk in which she talked about the choice to either go on a mission or to dance. It really showed me that the Lord has a path in mind for us, and it might not be one that we expect. After the choir sang, my dad got up to speak, and his talk seemed to constantly punch me in the face with things I should be better at. I take things for granted way too often, especially my parents capacity to love! As I saw my father weep as he told of the men in Mosiah who left their children behind, I felt his love. As I heard him talk about pulling children off of the train track of sin, I felt his love. When I heard him counsel the youth to not pair off early on, I felt his love. It was a really great experience.

I also learned about prioritizing my life today which has been a big issue for me, as of late. I haven't really felt like I have had much free time, and I know it's because I do things that are pretty trivial. I am going to strive to do better with that -- to make goals for my week and keep them. I love my life ... every second counts.

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