February 27, 2011

laney blau the science gal!

When I was a kid ... well, I guess I am still a kid so -- When I was younger, I used to watched things like Bill Nye the Science Guy and Jimmy Neutron, in the hope that I would some day be like these crazy cool guys. As I went through school, especially High School, I think that dream has diminished a little bit because of my new found dislike of all things science. I won't blame my teachers ... because really, it is my fault that I'm not perceptive enough to get all of the concepts in science.

The one thing that keeps me close to this dream, however, is my "participation" in Science Olympiad. I've been in this club for three years now, and every year I have participated, I have been able to have a great time. This year was no different. On the 26th, I went as a press junkie (long story behind the lack of participation on my part) to the regional Science Olympiad contest and it was full of fun and adventure.

During the award ceremony, Waynesville was losing it's moral. It had been a hard day for everyone ... nothing seemed to function exactly right, but I was still hopeful that we would be able to advance in State.

We did! Everyone was so surprised, but it was incredible feeling. This will be the second time that I have been on a teem that made it to Columbia, and it feels just as good the second time. Unfortunately, there is a performance with the Sound of Music that I'll have to go to ... so I might not be able to be on the team, but CONGRATULATIONS TIGERS!

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