March 5, 2011

variety is the spice of life

Or so they say ...

This week has been filled with frying for my little tummy. I've been trying to work out diligently (trying being the key word) at least thirty minutes a day, and so this little bit of indulgence has helped me to stay motivated. I found a REALLY good recipe for chops while on this cultural journey but I can't find the recipe ANYWHERE!! That kind of dampens my spirits, but only slightly. All of this exersize and eating healthy is making me feel really good! It's such a great way to make stress just disappear, and not just because I pass out every single time I get off a treadmill. Running a 5K today made me realize that I have totally been taking my body for granted. That sounds incredible weird, I know, but I love the way I am and I don't think I would change a single thing!

On that note, one thing I would change about my life right now is the fact that I got in a wreck on Wednesday.  I'm totally okay! It wasn't my fault (a motor cycle ran into the back of me) but it was SO scary! Motor cycle crashes always look so horrific on TV, but the guy didn't seem to phased. His bike was alright, and Petunia got away with little damage as well. I learned a lot of valuable lessons with that wreck, like stopping when a light is yellow suddenly is never a good idea. Forever will this memory be ingrained into my brain. I'll post pictures of the damage tomorrow to show the hunk of metal that my lovely car is now. Its scars are a testament to drivers everywhere to BEWARE!

Today has been super lazy. Other than doing my homework and running, I really haven't done much with it. I was supposed to go on a date, but Stake Conference prevented that. I was supposed to reread Hamlet, but I couldn't make myself. So, instead, I sat and watched Lilo and Stich and DIY. Lazy, yes, but it was a very fulfilling thing for me. Both of these programs made me want to go somewhere exotic -- experience life! I also decided that I want to marry someone Hawaiian so my kids will look adorable no matter what. :)

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