January 31, 2011

life is pretty good

I have been blessed with so many precious experiences this weekend.

1.) I watched family movies with my family yesterday (imagine that!) and I got to see the mini-me frolick around the screen, trying to be the center of attention of course. It was really cute -- I was a bit of a squirt when I was little, and I think I had a bratty side of me that was very prevalent in my youth. I can't figure out if that is actually my character and I'm just suppressing that as I learn what's socially acceptable, or if I was just a rude little kid. Oh well ... it was enough to make me yearn for the days when I could color instead of writing two papers a week (which is what I should be working on).

By the way, in light of my recent discovery of my "true" character, I'm sorry my last post was so whiny. Whoops. I was over exaggerating and it came off as venting. Yikes. Am I forgiven?

2.) Over the weekend, I tried to feel what Thomas S. Monson describes as a warm fuzzy feeling by doing service to others. But alas, my efforts were fruitless. It seems like I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work out. The humane society required that I fill out an APPLICATION to volunteer. I just want to walk their dogs!! But patience never was one of my virtues. It was fun realizing that there was nothing to do in Waynesville though. I really hope that things come up in the future, because I'd be one sad puppy (no pun intended) if I didn't get into college because I wasn't service-y enough. Yeah, that's pretty much my summed up worry this month.

3.) I gave a talk yesterday. That is always fun. It was about putting the things that are important first, and I actually learned a LOT while I wrote it. It's important for me to be social, but it's also SUPER important for me to have good friends and to be nice. I learned today that a lot of people will like others that make fun or put down others ... and I just don't like that

4.) PARRRRRRRRRRRRTY! I went to a great party over the weekend that consisted of all of my friends from the past getting together and reminiscing. Ah ... the good old days. It was really fun, and it was a great way to get everyone back together -- if only for a little while. Pictures will probably be up soon.

So, all of these experiences were a great moral booster from last weeks awful events until I realized I had to go to school. But hey, they're calling for a blizzard ... I can hope for that. Right?

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