February 1, 2011

snowpocalypse 2011 ... ish!!

This is what the Midwest looked like today and I'm liking the new 'do. We were supposed to get 20 inches, but only ended up getting about three. Greeeeeeat. I'm alright with that small detail though because it seems like we have had a snow day every week since this semester started.

As much as I complain about school, I can only take so much ...

This makes for the ever AWESOME resistance to the computer and FB, curling up in my bed, and reading/napping. In my opinion, that makes for a much better day than one spent at school! So ... happy snow days. I know where I will be -- somewhere far from the vicinity of technology.

Oh, BTW, here are some pics from Saturday's party!

Kimbo's Hair is super hard to curl ...

This Ken doll lost it's mind (not to mention it's whole head) 
because of all of the pretty Barbies @ the party.

I forgot what kind of Barbie I was supposed to be ...
but she had to be awesome if she gets to hold an owl.

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