December 8, 2013

mountains to climb

I have been reflecting on my year a lot lately. You know, I'll be turning 19 in a couple of days ... and I guess I have wondered what has happened in the past year that testifies that I am ready to be another year older. This year of my life has been filled with ups and downs. There have been a lot of struggles, but a lot of sweetness as well. As I thought about the hard things that happened (which, in retrospect weren't all that bad) I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

I have no doubt that Heavenly Father has been preparing me for great things. I know that EVERYTHING that I experience is directing me towards something amazing ... if I trust in the Lord's path for me. It's something that I don't question very much any more. This knowledge doesn't make trials any less hard, but it makes them bearable.

I think about the beginning of the year, when I was struggling to get over some difficult stuff from the year before. I was sad a lot of the time, but I tried so hard to be happy. I finally realized that there were some things in my life that needed to be resolved. As I worked to fix it and tried to become closer to Heavenly Father, I learned to feel a peace that passes all understanding. I feel so much happier because of it.

I think about graduating and leaving my friends and family for an unknown future. It felt so final then, and I remember crying because I didn't think that things could ever be the same. However, when I went back for Thanksgiving, I felt that everything was exactly as it should be. I have a new life that is so different, but it is good.

When I was trying to decide what major I wanted to have, I felt so confused. I really felt like the spirit had testified to me that I needed to be an Elementary Teacher, but when I felt prompted to change it to Spanish Education, I wondered why on earth I had felt so strongly before about ElEd. I still don't know why that is, but I am so grateful that Heavenly Father is helping me to see the way forward in my life.

These are pretty vague examples of trials that I have had in the past year ... and, like I said, they are nothing major. I have been so incredibly blessed and have no complaints. However, in looking back at these perceived trials that I have had, I can see EXACTLY how it has gotten me to this point that I'm at. Heavenly Father definitely knows what is best for each of us and is quietly working to make it come to pass.

I am grateful that I've been able to see those quiet works in my life as I've looked for them.

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