December 18, 2013

Arrival (CCM) -- Here we go!

Area: Mexico City MTC
Companion: Hermana Dunne

I am here! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is here! It's like China ... except I can understand everything that is going on (basically). I don't know how much time I have to email right now, so I guess I'll just say as much as I can. So, after I left the airport, I was just crying. I felt soooo sad to leave home and to leave America (weirdly). But when I got to Dallas, I started to become more and more excited. I flew in a plane that was pretty much Latinos ... and then the three missionaries I was traveling with and me. We stuck together in the airport (I am pretty sure that I didn't get pickpocketed or anything) and were picked up right away by a representative from the CCM. We drove through the streets of Mexico City and I was just overwhelmed by it all. The scenery is beautiful. 

I love being here so much already! I met my companion at the airport. Her name is Sister Dunne from Arizona and she seems like a peach (we are both going to Concepcion!). There are four missionaries (myself included) that are going to Concepcion and we are pretty much the dream team. When we got to the CCM (which is super pretty), we got a packet with our name tags. I am wearing a name tag now! I am actually a missionary!! Like I said, I am a little overwhelmed. It smells like El Jimadors [a local Mexican restaurant in St. Robert, MO] here. Bahaha, I think I am going a little crazy from how excited I am. I think tonight we are going to get settled in our houses, and then we have dinner. The first day of classes and registration is tomorrow!

I still miss home (just a little bit), but mostly I am just excited to serve the Lord. I am going to give my best EACH day. I feel this pressing need to take advantage of every moment. I was talking to a lady that I was sitting next to on the plane and she mentioned how hard it must be to leave home. I said that it was, but that it was so worth it! And it is! I am so excited to share the testimony that I have of the gospel. I know that the church is true! I know it with all of my heart. Even though I feel really physically disgusting, I feel clean spiritually. I think that I also feel the power of the spirit pushing me forward as well. I am soooo tired, but super happy.

I can't wait to learn Spanish. It is such a beautiful language! Sister Dunne is kind of in the same boat as me ... she took Spanish but doesn't speak very well. There is only one Elder in our district that feels pretty fluent. I hope that with diligence, I will be able to pick of the vocabulary of the gospel. Baaaaaaah, this is surreal. I am ready to hit the ground RUNNING. I feel like I've been preparing for soo long, and now I just need to get going.

Here we go ...

Hermana Blau

PS ... Have everyone write me notes for Christmas if they can through Dear Elder. I would LOVE that. It's turns out that we actually have a lot more time than I thought. Haha. I am soooooo stoked. So stoked. I will keep you all in my prayers and I suppose that I will write to you next on my P day ... whenever that is. LOVE YOU!! [You can write Laney by sending her a letter to the Mexico address found in the left-hand column or sending her an email at the account listed there. She will love that!!]

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