November 9, 2013

november 9


Coming to BYUI is definitely one of the better decisions that I have made in my life. It's been interesting, because the level of drama that is around here is way higher than anything that I have ever experienced (even during my very bad, no good, terrible month a year ago). I think it just shocks me because I am attending a church school where theoretically everyone is trying to emulate Christ in their actions. Ahhhh, well.

A couple of days ago, I called my parents in distress because of something that was really, really bugging me. After talking me through past the verge of tears, my dad asked, "Are you glad you are at BYUI?" I stopped pacing through the second floor of the library and said ... "Yeah, yeah I am." However, I found that I couldn't elaborate. I didn't know how to explain why I was glad to be at BYUI, I just was. Now that I am a little removed from that situation, I think that I can elaborate.

I love being a student here because of the other students. Maybe not the ones that I am currently surrounded by, but I love that ANYWHERE I go, I can start a conversation and it isn't considered socially awkward. I love that all of the activities are run by students. I love that the school gives us opportunities to be leaders if we take the initiative to become one. The people are sooooo friendly here (generally) and I am grateful for that great, great atmosphere that exists here. I don't know if it's the same in Provo ... I just really love the small campus feel that BYUI has. It's wonderful and slightly reminiscent of home.

I also love BYUI for the classes that are offered. I admit, BYUI's academic excellence is not really what the school is known for. The classes that I am taking though are wonderful. They spark my imagination and have helped me to love learning even more. I love the learning model here. It is something that a lot of students grumble about, but I think that BYUI has really hit on the way that Heavenly Father wants his children to learn: Preparation, Participation, Application. I love that classes start with a prayer.

I am really, really grateful that I followed the Spirit when I chose to attend here. I can't even believe that I considered going to Provo ... now. Not everything has been easy, but because I made the choice to follow the Spirit, I am comforted by the knowledge that EVERYTHING that happens to me here is for my total benefit. It's the same with the prompting I got to room with my specific roommates. It is all for my benefit! Heavenly Father knows what he wants me to be. I have to accept that and try to stick to the path he has laid before me.

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