November 8, 2013

november 8

I am grateful for MY FAMILY.

Let's be honest, I could probably do a grateful post for every single member of my family. I love each person so much for their individual traits (even more now that I am living away from home). But instead of posting about each one, I think I am going to just say my family in general. You know, my family is actually pretty stinking amazing. I'm glad that I was born into it (not sure how our future spouses are going to feel marrying into it. It's just not the same haha).

I'm grateful for my mom and dad. They are full of wisdom and truth that they have implanted in my mind. Sometimes, when I am making choices out here, I think, "What would daddy do in this situation?" or, "How would mommy respond?" I promise that this is far from being sacrilegious. My parents are not Jesus Christ; however, they did teach me all about Jesus Christ from a very young age. I probably call my parents more than the average college student. When I walk to the grocery store or when I'm frustrated or when I need help on my Spanish homework or ... just for about any scenario, I know that I can call my parents and they will be ready to answer. Two days ago, I called my dad twice. As I was dialing his number for the second time that day, "Maybe he's busy. It's not like he has all the time in the world to talk to me." This is true for my mom as well. But, when I call, they always sound as if they have all the time in the world to talk to me. I am so grateful for the support and strength that they continue to give me even though I am not in their physical presence. What on earth would I do without my wonderful parents?

I am sooooo grateful for my siblings. Sometimes, when I was living at home, I was just itching to get out of the house and hang out with my friends. Now, I barely think about my friends and I think ALL THE TIME ABOUT MY SIBLINGS. I think that my priorities were a little skewed. They are my best friends. Yesterday marked two years since we adopted Minsy. I was thinking about her and how grateful I truly am for her support. If you saw my relationship with her from the outside, it might not look very loving. She always, always whines to me when I am at home. But she also always runs to me screaming, "Mei-mie!" when I would walk through the door. She is needy, but she is not judgmental. She is my little joy and I miss her company.

The babies (JoJo, Hyrum, and Katie) have been soooo cute as I have been away. JoJo writes me little letters all the time to say that he misses me. Hyrum wrote me a letter as well. Katie told Dad that I was one of her favorite siblings and thought about dressing up as me for Halloween. This is an unexpected (but pleasant) benefit of being away. I didn't think that I was a particularly wonderful big sister to the babies. I mean, I talked to them and played with them sometimes, but we weren't, like, bosom buddies. I think that it is wonderful that they are choosing to forget or forgive me of my flaws and are remembering my good sister times. It is kind of terrifying to see that they look up to me. I never really realized it!

I am also grateful for Savannah and Spencer. I think about Savannah and Spencer a lot. Spencer and I fought a lot when we were under the same room. My parents said it was because we are so similar, but I would always shake my head in disgust. No way was I ever, in this world or the world to come, like Spencer. However, I am beginning to think that we are more similar than I previously thought. Although are interests are not the same, we kind of think the same way and react similarly (especially since we are now both maturing). He's probably the sibling that I am least in contact with, but I still talk about him a lot. Actually, his knowledge of silly games has helped me to befriend several boys out here haha!

Savannah was always, always my best friend going through high school, and it is hard not to have her here. She was always a calming and grounding influence on me and I miss that! I miss sharing the bed with her and talking about absolutely stupid things all the time. I miss being myself around her. She is making so many difficult decisions in her life right now, and I wish I was there to help her. Recently, she turned 17. She's been so mature for forever ... but now she is really coming into adulthood. Now, more than ever, I am grateful for her friendship. For her love no matter what I have done.

I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for the wonderful things that we have done together. I love college as much as the next girl, but sometimes I just ache for the comfort that home gives. I am grateful that I am going HOME for Thanksgiving in two weeks!! Hallelujah. Even though I'll be separated from them for a 18 months in just 39 days, I am sooo grateful for the knowledge I have that we can be together forever. There's no one else I'd rather spend eternity with.

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