November 22, 2013

november 22

I am grateful for HOME.

I can honestly say that few things beat being home with my family. I love being in my house. I love driving the Miata places. I love Waynesville. I love my siblings sitting in the same room together. I love not having to be on my a-game. I love the diversity of the town. I love not walking everywhere. I love loafing and snuggling. I love watching Christmas movies and watching Babe. I love eating cereal. I love sleeping in the same bed as my sister. I did not know how much I loved home until I left and came back. I love not being in Rexburg. I love that it is freezing as heck here. I love sitting with Nandy.

No offense to you, Rexburg or BYUI (or the people that live there). It's just nothing can beat the contented-ness that I feel right now. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

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  1. Haha. Babe...great film! I don't know how cold it is back home, but I am glad you are enjoying it. It was NINE degrees this morning here. Being from Vegas (where it is currently 60+ degrees), I about died. Anyways...haha...glad you're enjoying home, Laney!!



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