September 12, 2013

i'm in idaho

It's really crazy -- this leaving home business. I remember calling one of my friends as he was on his way out to Idaho and thinking, "Wow, he sounds totally fine. How can he not be afraid of what's coming ahead?" I thought that as I left home I would be a total wreck. I thought that entering the unknown would almost be paralyzing because it was so terrifying to me. I was a wreck when I left. I cried and cried for the first couple of lasts. Last time hugging my siblings and my mom. Last time driving past that silly rock that is painted like a frog. Last drive through the Missouri countryside. Last, last, last. I wondered why in the heck I was doing this college two thousand miles away thing.

As the car ride went on (and on and on and on) I thought about the firsts that I was doing. First college kid, first time living somewhere else, first textbook bought ... First, first, first. My sadness quickly turned into excitement. I am going to miss every single person in my family more than I can adequately describe. But I also love this little town that is now my home. I love my roommates already and am prepared to love them even more as I get to know them. I love that pretty much everything is in walking distance. I think this is going to be a good step for me (at least, I hope so).

Before I left for college, I asked my family to give me some advice for college. They all had very meaningful and unique things to share with me, but they were also very similar.

Just relax
Have fun
Love and serve your roommates
Be careful
Spend money wisely
Know that you are loved
Get out of your dorm
Be nice
Don't forget your family
Don't get married

I intend to take all of that advice pretty seriously. These words of wisdom came from the people that have gotten me where I am today. During my long drive, I had time to reflect on my life. I really am grateful for the life that I've had so far. Not going to lie, world ... it's been awesome. And as I listen to the advice that my parents and grandparents and friends have given me (I fully intend to follow them) I know the rest of my life is going to be totally rad.

Tomorrow is the day! I move in and start living the college life tomorrow! I'm scared and excited and ready and totally unprepared all at once. I'm confident that as I try to be the very best I can be, I will be alright.

Come with me, friends, to Rexburg.

This post solely consists of my thoughts vomited on a document. I fully apologize for any incoherent thoughts or grammar issues.

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