August 24, 2013

called to serve

Wow. How am I even supposed to describe how I feel? I guess I should go back to last night. I was praying for comfort and peace (because, like I described in an earlier post, I was feeling a little nuts) and I just felt really calm. As I was going to bed last night, I visualized the map in our living room and wondered where I would serve ... I really had NO IDEA. A lot of people on my Facebook group said Germany, Chile, Salt Lake City, or Taiwan. The only place that I really felt like I would have a hard time serving in was Europe ... I guess I just wanted to be somewhere where people would be open to hearing the Gospel.

Anyway, I was thinking about South America and I thought, "Huh ... Chile. That might be fun."

I spent the rest of today just piddling around. I went and cleaned my Nandy's house and watched a cute WWII movie with her. I then returned home ... and loafed. I thought that the mail would come at around 10:30. I went out and checked ... nothing. Bummer. I sat outside and waited for another hour. Nothing. Finally, I decided to go inside and just do my make up or something. Sure enough, as soon as I got in the house, the mail came!

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (That's kind of the only way to describe how I felt. Like Liesl in the Sound of Music).

I think the mail lady was a little startled. I just knew that my call was going to be there. I actually didn't feel nervous or anxious, which is kind of a miracle. I was just ready to open it! So ready that I rubbed my face on the envelope and got a weird blue mark on my face. It was kind of gross.

My grandparents and my Nandy were able to come to the house extra speedy quick, which was a blessing because I was really excited to open it. On the conference call was my Uncle Casey and fam, my Aunt Laurenda, my Aunt Katrina, and my Grandpa Blau. I quickly mentioned how excited I was to go on a mission and then ripped that sucker open.

I read the words a little faster than I spoke them. After all, I have been watching mission call videos non-stop since Thomas S. Monson lowered the age for missionaries to serve. I saw my mission before I spoke it and I just felt incredibly peaceful and excited all at once! Chile Concepcion!! That is perfect for me -- simply perfect! Speaking Spanish? ROCKING! Going to the new Mexico MTC? SWEEEEET! Reporting four days before my semester at BYUI ends? Uhhhhh, I'm really not sure how that one will work ... but I have faith that it will! I'm just glad that I'm going to be able to get back from my mission and be able to start school again in the Fall of 2015.

I am so excited. I am sure that I have a long way to go until I leave and a lot to learn. Luckily, Spanish is a pretty accessible language. I dropped out of my Chinese class at school and am on a waiting list for another class. I hope to be able to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish out loud at least two times before I leave. I have a few friends that have served in Chile and will help me out a ton! I feel really, really good. There is a peace that comes with knowing that the Lord's will is being done! I am going to be HIS representative!! :)

Estoy animada!!

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

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