August 27, 2013

a little lesson

Mission preparation is a pretty awesome class for me right now. Totally a bright spot in my life. It has always been fun (I mean, my dad, the best teacher ever, teaches it), but it suddenly got real for some reason and I don't know why. We've slowly been progressing through Preach My Gospel for the past 8 months and are approaching the end of the course. It's crazy, because in the beginning, the class consisted of Adley, Thomas, and I. Adley and Thomas left on their missions (Thomas has already had a baptism!), I have my mission call, and now Adrienne is attending as well. We're a pretty happening group.
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Anyways, today was another Mission Prep day. My dad used the commitment pattern on me and connived me into teaching a teensy weensy principle of the lesson ... the law of CHASTITY. Yeah, actually, that's kind of a big, fat, and heavy principle. For those of you that don't know me, I'm not that confident of a teacher. I have had a few experiences with practicing to teach that have been really humbling and kind of intimidating. So, when my dad asked me to teach, I accepted, but I knew that I needed to prepare like crazy to teach effectively.

Throughout the day, I was thinking about principles that have to do with chastity. I was thinking about ways to approach the topic of chastity. It was a lot of pondering. About an hour before the lesson, I started pounding my notes and previous talks given by General Authorities. I learned a lot of super cool things while on this pursuit for knowledge. Before I left for mission prep, I said a prayer that I would be able to teach effectively.

During class, I was amazed that I just kind of opened my mouth and a sweet five minute lesson popped out. I struggled a few times with the timing of questions and stuff, but overall, I did alright. My favorite thing was that it is just so simple when you really think about it. I guess when you teach principles like they are a super simple and straight forward thing with authority, people will believe what you're saying. Wait a second ... I did okay with a lesson on the LAW OF CHASTITY? WHAAAAAAAAT? I know that the only way that that could have happened was through my preparation and the help of the spirit. I really am not all that great of a teacher yet, but the Spirit totally is.  It makes up for all of the little things that I'm not that good at, and that's definitely a good thing to be totally sure of. I guess I kind of like teaching ... who'd of thought?

Other fun things that happened today:

I got accepted into my Spanish class! AWESOME. I got a super, super, super nice letter from one of my mountain trek girly's brother, Cole. AWESOME. It's my grandparents' 46th anniversary. AWESOME. I am almost completely finished cleaning the downstairs -- nice fall scent spray included. AWESOME. I finished reading 1 Nephi in Spanish. AWESOME. Tomorrow I'm going to the Temple! AWESOME.

Vida es buena.

(Also, hey! I just wanted to point out that I've been pretty consistent about blogging. This time, I'm for real, I'm going to keep it up!)

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