October 25, 2012

why my friends are slightly chilly AKA flipping cool

The story of today began a little more than a week ago, but I don't want to go into my personal feelings and whatnot so ...

the story of my day began at 3 o'clock in the morning. I woke up in a cold sweat because I had had an unusually vivid dream. I can't remember what the dream was, but I know that in it, my day stunk. I threw on a pair of sweats and a form-fitting shirt in anticipation and left for seminary. It was a pretty typical morning.

I couldn't focus through seminary because I was anticipating a few things throughout the school day. I couldn't focus as I was driving to school. A depressing Regina Spektor song (it's an oxymoron, I know) was running through my head as I hopped out of my car. Usually, my sister accompanies me to school, but today was her birthday, so she skipped and I walked in alone.


The intercom rang in first hour and a voice asked for me to come down to the office with my keys. I thought that my dad might have wanted to take The Green Rocket to the shop (because The Green Rocket is practically falling apart). The hallways were super sunny and I felt hopeful. That kind of died when Officer Lopez told me I had left my lights on. My stomach sunk because I knew that if I had left my lights on for even five minutes, my battery would be dead.

I tried to start it, and, of course, it didn't work. But I had scholar bowl today, so I knew that one of my friends would be able to help me ... right?

With that in mind, I wasn't too worried. I felt like an idiot for leaving my lights on, but I was confident that it would be okay. Somehow, I was going to make it home.

At the beginning of journalism, I asked my friend, Kyle, if he had any jumper cables. Luckily, he thought he did, and I felt better immediately. The end of the school day came and went (I love that part of school) and I checked with Kyle to make sure he'd be able to jump my car. He was staying for French Club (if I wasn't so dedicated to Scholar Bowl, I probably would have stayed for it too. They were watching DESPICABLE ME! IN FRENCH!) for the first part of the night, but he said that he would find me at the end of Scholar Bowl.

Scholar Bowl was super fun, as always. My team rebounded from losing 10-50 to winning 150-110. We have class. At the end, a bunch of hooligans, my friends, came sauntering in. "How was the movie?" I asked. Kyle said that they hadn't gotten to watch the movie because he had to go home. Why would he ever miss out on Despicable Me? To get jumper cables for my car. He got three thousand cool points in record time.

The end of Scholar Bowl came and went (that is my least favorite part) and I was ready to be home. Today was average at best, and I felt a little sniffly and sentimental. And that Regina Spektor song was still playing in my head! Kyle, Tristan, and Ethan were gunna help me out, and I was so appreciative. We started to head outside ... and it was raining.

Not just the warm kind of rain that you can go out and dance in. This was give you hypothermia and kill you rain. With a slight breeze. Tristan and I forgot to bring jackets today because it has been so warm, so we were freezing and dripping wet. After popping my hood, I patiently waited for the guys to take over. Since The Green Rocket is such a stinky car, I'm pretty skilled at jumping things, but I wanted to see what would happen.

First, we couldn't get the hood to Kyle's truck to open. Kyle has been driving for a grand total of three days, so there wasn't much help experience wise. My Advanced Composition teacher and her husband pulled up and offered to help instead. (Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Scott)! As a bystander, it was awesome to watch them work it out. It was so awesome that I didn't even care that someone came up and asked what color my car was. It was so awesome that I didn't mind the pouring rain. I was super impressed and super cold and my hair was dripping wet.

After, we went out for hot chocolate.

It was an adventurous day ... and it turns out my dream wasn't prophecy (I guess my dreams of becoming an oracle are ruined). Even though everything went wrong, my day was actually pretty great. As I drove home in the rain, the Regina Spektor played through my head, "Samson, get back to bed ..." and that's where I am. Toasty warm and content.

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