July 18, 2012

lengthen my stride update

59 days ago, I decided to lengthen my stride.

You might ask, how is this going? Or you might not care at all, but I've heard it said that the best way to keep a commitment is to share a commitment. And since I've already done two blog posts tonight and it's 3 AM, I figured I might as well make use of my time.

*Run a 5-K (in the works) I haven't been the best runner this summer. I work out everyday, but it is mostly on the elliptical and stair stepper. I am going to do better, though! I am determined to keep this goal.

*Eat healthy, balanced meals (in the works) I have also been having a tough, tough time eating healthily. It's partially because it's summer and everything is so irregular, but mostly because I am pretty undisciplined with my love of food. This is another goal that I am going to make a better effort to do.

*Look for ways to serve others daily (in the works) I actually have been pretty good at looking for ways to serve others. As I was driving home from a trip to Saint Louis with Sister Stewart, she said that she felt like she wasn't drinking enough water even though I know she gets a lot! It just made me feel like I can ALWAYS find more ways to help others.

*Forget myself and get to work (see above)

*Take a picture a day and sit down and blog about it (lost cause) I am so sorry to those of you who actually read my blog and my future posterity. I have been so terrible about updating it that it isn't even funny. Recently however, I have been pretty good at taking a picture a day with instagram. What a lovely little app! It makes me feel like I'm a photographer, even though I obviously am not.

*Study the Scriptures every day and read the New Testament (on track) Yesssss! I have actually been very diligent about reading my scriptures. Previously, I would read them every day of the week, but I would skip weekends (because that makes any sense) but now I have been reading with a purpose and the difference is marvelous!

*Pray with more sincerity (in the works) There are still some days when my mind slips into the quirky repetitions I have, but I really feel like I have gotten closer to my Heavenly Father during the past 59 days. It has been incredible to witness how powerful prayer can be. He hears and answers my prayers!!

*Develop good time management skills (in the works) This summer has been crazy busy for me, but despite that fact, I feel like I have been getting so much accomplished. That's probably because I have been on summer vacation for the past 15 months and I have a pretty solid routine. I could be doing better things with some of my free time. A litle less FB stalking might be in order. A little more service and family history work. But I figure that those things will come in time, especially since the things that matter most to me are starting to take their proper place in my priorities.

*Always be personally hygienic (on track) Summer is usually a scary time. Sometimes I can go for days without getting dressed in real clothes (aka, not pajamas or sweats) because I don't see many people. But this year I have been making an effort and it's crazy to see what a difference it makes! When I actually get dressed for the day, I feel like my day is more productive and I feel more confident! Who knew?

*Read Gordon B. Hinckley and Spencer W. Kimball's Biographies (on track) I have completed President Hinckley's biography, and he is one of my hero's now! I usually don't like biographies, but his was so captivating. I loved how he was so human, but was obviously prepared from a young age to be a prophet. I LOVE HIM! And I have also been reading Spencer W. KImball's biography. He had such an interesting beginning to his life! As I read about his feelings and philosophies, I have these overwhelming feelings that testify to me that we have prophets on the earth today that give valid direction. I think once I'm done with his book, I'm going to read about Heber J. Grant.

*Fast on Fast Sunday every month (in the works) I have fasted on fast Sunday once this summer, but the other time when I didn't fast, I fasted the next day. I need to become more disciplined!

*Work to be better at my callings (in the works) I'm trying to be a good bulletin maker/Laurel president/committee member! I know I can be better though! I can do it!!

*Devote time on Sunday to Family History and take at least 3 names to the Temple (on track) Ahhhhh, this goal has been so fufilling! I love Family History work so much! It makes me SUPER, SUPER happy to a.) find my ancestors and b.) learn about the ones that I have already found. I've been able to go to the temple with names and the feeling of doing it for people that are actually my family is a crazy one indeed. It has brought so much peace to my life!! I seriously owe it all to David A. Bednar -- his talk in General Conference has become a rallying point for me!

*Drink lots of water (in the works) I actually went and got a glass of water after typing this. When I am near water, I try to drink as much as I can. I don't get nearly enough, and as with my service goals, I can always do better!

*Spend time outside working on the garden or clearing forest (lost cause) Our poor garden ... our poor poor garden. I've spent a remarkable amount of time outside, but not doing anything productively. Ahh well, there's always next year. And the year after that. And the year after that.

So, I'm getting there. To be honest, I am impressed my resolve has lasted this long. Something I've learned about lengthening my stride is that it isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. I try my best everyday to do what I know is right and then I try again the next day. I know I'm not perfect, and I never will be in this life, but I love how accomplishing goals (or even attempting to plan out and accomplish them) gives me a little preview of what heaven will be like. Just so you know, it's pretty awesome.


  1. You always inspire me Laney! I need to lengthen my stride too! Way to go :)

  2. Thank you, Sister Stockhoff! You are such an example to me!!



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