March 4, 2012

sunday snapshot: my fabulous weekend

We got a package over the week from my super sweet cousin, Miss E, asking our family to go out and take pictures of her Flat Lizz (like from the Flat Stanley series?) doing things that are typical of our town. My dad is pretty good at delegating tasks out to us children. That being said, he sent Minsy, Savannah, and I on a mission to find the coolest joints in Waynesville and then have a little photo shoot at each.

As we got in the car, I honestly had NO idea where we were going. I mean, we have a lot of cool tank things on base that are picture worthy and very awesome, but honestly, the only civilian place that people choose to hang out at is Wal-mart. And that would make a fantastic project, right?

So we started driving the main strip. Up and down we went, driving from border to awesome border. Stop one? An old grave yard. Yeah, that really was a serious runner. We then had to take a pause to visit the "bubbies" (as Minsy has so christened our local pet store) because going to the graveyard was no fun for Miss Chinese American who really doesn't care.

Then, continuing our animal theme, we visited the "shik-ers" (AKA, the chickens) at our local Orschlens. It was so cute to see Minsy squeal and cautiously touch the animals. It really made me think about the wonderful things Heavenly Father has put on the earth for us to experience and discover.

To finish up our super cool project (since I felt like an awful cousin) we went to the park. Missouri is such a beautiful place, and since the weather was so nice, going to the park was really where we started to see some action. There were guys running and ladies walking their dogs. Children were on the swings and we were seen taking pictures with a piece of paper. It was a lovely way to spend the weekend.

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