January 5, 2012

the story of a wanna-be runner -- epilouge

I think it has been seven months since I have started jogging. 

That number seems incredible to me ... as does the fact that I am still learning new things about jogging.

Here are three life lessons I've learned from a semi-consistent program.

1. Consistence is the key to getting big things done efficiently. This is the same for cleaning my room, learning Spanish, or studying for the ACT. As I was consistent at running, I got better and it seemed to make the miles pass by with more speed. When I was inconsistent, none of these positive effects were seen and I always felt guilt ridden.

2. I can not run faster than I can run. This is probably the most important lesson I have learned this year. Once again, it applies to my everyday life ... homeschooling, for example. Pacing has been a tremendous issue for me for my entire life. It's refreshing to have the ability to think, "Ah, I can go a little slower today because I don't feel like I can go any faster."

3. Enjoy the beauty of nature. This one took me awhile. I think I have jogged outside twice since I started the jogging class. That was through the spring/summer/autumn months that are BEAUTIFUL in Missouri. The pickle is that I have a real desire to run in the great outdoors and it is ugly and freezing. *Sigh* That just means another three months on the good old treadmill.

I'm loving life, and, so far, this new year has been positive for the majority and fulfilling for the whole.

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  1. Great thoughts! I hear you on the winter months - I just wish I had more access to a treadmill! :) Keep up the great work Laney!!



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