January 25, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

The actual beginning date of Chinese New Year was on Monday ... but I think it is worth some mentioning.

The year of the dragon was ushered in by some very authentic Chinese traditions.

There was the scribbling on pictures of Kailan.
There was also some dancing.
There was a feast at Chopstix, our local China Buffet that is owned by Koreans.
And there were silks. Lots and lots of silk.

I have been having dreams about China lately. It's been about ... two months since we arrived at the Chicago airport. It still feels like I could wake up and still be shoved in a small little hotel room with my family -- fully anticipating a new day of adventure. I love China, and I love what it has done to me.

I can't wait to go back and celebrate the Chinese New Year in style. :) But until then, 新年快樂!(Happy New Year)

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  1. I just had to tell you I love your blog :) I hope my girls turn out with the same convictions and chararistics that you have! You are a wonderful example to so many...including myself!



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