October 12, 2011

A few numbers

There are only 16 days until we hop on a plane.

A 15 hour plane ride ...

To get to a country that houses 1.5 billion people (since I last checked). PS, that's about 1/6 of the population of the world.

0 books or documentaries left in the free public library and oh-so-wonderful Netflix streaming.

& 1 little girl that already means the world to my family.

Thank goodness ... I was starting to get a little anxious.

The house is running on a constant countdown. We have links that tell us the number of days. My brain is always thinking of the number of days until I can say two more weeks ... and then one more week. How many days until single digits. It's quite the big deal.

I have poured over books about anything China. Chinese history, Chinese culture, Confucianism, Chinese shopping, landmarks ... I have learned so much!

A time not so long ago I was praying to love and accept the Chinese people.

I was thinking about it today ... and boy, did I ever get my wish. It astounds me how ignorant I was before of China's rich culture. Of the beauty that can be found in it's rice paddy fields and the mountains. I can't even begin to imagine the vast expanse that is slowly becoming a part of my heart.

With all of this revving up for the big trip (and then the move under our local bridge shortly after), my prayers are moving in a very different direction. Safe travel, safe Minsy, safe preparation ... but mostly I am praying that I can sit still for a couple of minutes so that I can actually focus on my school work.

Speaking of school work, JoJo walked in on my daily jog on the treadmill and he said, "Laney ... why aren't you at school?" I explained to him that I am! I had just finished a lesson of Spanish, reading the Book of Mormon, and then was in the process of finishing the last 40 miles of my jogging course. I may not appear that I am working super hard on my schooling, but I feel like I am learning SO MUCH MORE! I have been reading for fun again. I have been learning all things China (obviously). I have been gaining some pretty awesome womanly skills.

I'm in school daily, even on the weekends. It's way different, but it is starting to work for me ... if I could only focus!!

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  1. Sounds like you are definitely prepared to go!! I can't wait to see all the pictures you'll take ...right?! Right!



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