September 29, 2011

five reasons why: i love christmas!!

I know, I know ... this post is a couple days early (around the 80 day mark to be exact), but I can't hold it in any longer. The need to decorate, the need to sing Angels we Have Heard on High, the need to be extremely giddy and full of awe. Yeah ... for me, Christmas is a BIG deal ... and it started a week and two days ago. (The start of fall is the beginning of my season). I have pulled out my Pandora Christmas playlist (and have simultaneously exhausted its infinite source of beautiful music. I have been trying to coax my mom in to letting me bake as many pumpkin food items as possible.

Which has had me wondering ... why? I don't really know when I started loving Christmas ... or the beginning of fall ... or the feelings that emerge when both of these events occur. I think it has always been a time where I could just relax and be myself. There is a lot a pressure out there to be perfect, and it's HARD. I exhaust myself thinking about perfection often. But really, I think there is something more that is hidden behind the surface beside the occasional breath of chilly air and sometimes being satisfied with the way things are going.

And that leads to: The Top Five Reasons why I love CHRISTMAS.

1. The music is just splendid. Seriously. What is better than soothing Christmas jazz, mixed in with some Brian Seltzers, mixed in with the Messiah, mixed in with beautiful classics?

Examples of Classics in my book would be:

1. The Christmas Song

2. Christmas Time in Africa

3. Jingle Bells

4. White (or Blue) Christmas

5. Christmas is Coming

6. Christmas Time is Here

7. It Feels Like Christmas

Yeah ... diversity is definitely the key when looking for the perfect Christmas playlist.

Are you tired of YouTube videos? Me too (I definitely prefer to listen ... except when it comes to the Boy George song. I get a kick out of it every time!)

2. School is out! Although this doesn't apply to me any more ... I still enjoy the fact that my brothers and sisters will be home from school. (Mom and dad can HARDLY wait for school to start again.)

3. THE MOVIES!! Oh, my stars. I love Christmas movies. I love the cheesy Hallmark variety. I love How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I LOVE A Christmas Story. I love pulling out our big box of DVD's and wondering which ones I will watch every day until Christmas starts. It's kind of a big deal.

4. I love the feelings of togetherness. And love. And peace. And giving. And ... Ah, the list could go on and on. I am a really timid girl. I hate being very adventurous, and I do not do anything that could possibly break my neck ... besides roller coasters. Christmas really takes all of the fear away from everything I am doing and I go out on limbs to make sure everyone is having a great time. I really love it (which begs the question, Why am I not like this always?).

5. Christ was born! I saved this one for last because it is really the reason I love Christmas so much. I guess this wasn't REALLY his birthday ... but when I think about what was sacrificed for me when Christ was born, I can't help but feel loved. It's really an incredible thing.

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