August 16, 2011

top five reasons why: prince derek is attractive

I have a confession to make ...

I know the man I am going to marry. Recently, I posted a status about a certain man named Derek. About how I would love to marry him if I ever got the chance. I mean, just look at the picture above (minus the mullet) ... WHAT A STUD!

But alas, our love can never be. He made an everlasting vow to a blonde bomb-shell ... Worst mistake of his life! He should have waited about a decade and then he would have made that vow for me.

In all seriousness though, (actually, I was kind of serious the whole time) I think that Prince Derek of the Swan Princess truly does have some AWESOME qualities that I have added to my ever-growing list of "things I want in a husband."

1. Prince Derek is loyal.  Once he ruined ANY chance he had to be with his soooooul-mate, he did everything he could to prove his love. And BONUS -- he practices archery and actually READS in order to rescue Odette.

2. Prince Derek can sing. Okay, really, it's just the man that plays Derek that can sing. But while all of the other actresses and actors have another "singer" that preforms all of the pretty musical bits of the movie, Prince Derek holds his own and can practically knock anyone to the ground with his incredible sound. Personally, I would love a man who can make me swoon as much as Prince Derek does.

3. Prince Derek is a prince that believes in ever-lasting love. I believe in everlasting love too. What a coincidence ... We should get together sometime! Really though ... I want to get married in the temple, for eternity, with a royal son of God! See how I pulled that together?

4. Prince Derek ages well and has a kick butt smile throughout. Puberty was kind to the Prince. Not that looks really matter to me. PS. Obnoxious little boys that turn into strapping young men ... SWOOOOOOOOOOOON!

5. Prince Derek is an accomplished man. He slayed the Great Animal. He throws awesome parties ... He is pretty awesome at chess. Yeah. That's the kind of man I want to attract. Better start working on my womanly attributes!!

Ahhh ... that's good hand drawn eye candy there.

Other Princes I find I am strangely attracted to ...

Moses, Prince of Egypt

Simba, Prince of Pride Rock

Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Though all of these men are super hot, Prince Derek still reigns supreme for me (did you catch the pun?).

The real question to ask concerning all of these ineligible candidates: WHY ARE ALL THE GOOD MEN TAKEN? (I actually wouldn't marry Kevin Costner ...)

1 comment:

  1. Don't worry, there are good men being made out there who just haven't made it into the Hollywood spotlight. ;-)



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