July 24, 2011

rain, rain ... please stay!

It rained today for the first time ... in a while.

I can't even remember the last time it rained, which, to me, is a sad sad thing.

I sat looking out thinking about how beautiful the rain was and then I found myself wondering what would happen if I went outside in the pouring rain. I am quite the lazy butt, so there isn't much that I am actually willing to get off the couch and do, but the rain looked so enticing. The flowers looked like they were dancing because they were so happy for water. So I stood up. And I went to the door.

As I flailed my arms around in the pouring rain, I felt super happy. There wasn't a place I would rather be at that point. Jojo came out and joined me, and we splashed in a few puddles and ran around the neighborhood with thunder as our soundtrack.

It was fun.  But I was glad to come inside and change into my pioneer outfit -- in honor of pioneer day. It was weird how familiar the feel of wearing my skirt and apron are. I only wore it for trek ... and that was only three days of my life, but I was truly comforted.

I watched a few good pioneer movies (Mountain of the Lord, Legacy, etc.) and then, refreshed, I returned to the real world.

I am super grateful for my ancestors today. I am grateful for the sacrifices they made so that I could be the way I am today! As I learned on a first-hand basis, they went through incredible trials, but they did it because they knew it was WORTH something. And they knew that their future posterity would look back on their example and be proud.

And I am.

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