July 22, 2011

the power of positive thinking ... and the bee gees

Today started off a bit slower than it has in a long while.

How did this happen you might ask? How could a girl that's been so careful to wake up early and live life to the fullest have a slow day? I might be back on to my sleep into nine track. I might be addicted to Facebook and Zombiefarm. I might have sat in bed doing all of these things simultaneously until after noon.

To be honest, I felt pretty useless. ALL STINKIN' DAY! Once I got on my little Cosmopolitan outfit and took Brownie for a walk, it looked like things could have taken a turn for the better. But really, everyone was a little crabbier than usual today.

They are probably crabby because of the massive heat-wave the Midwest has been having. Or the fact that my parents left on a mini-vacation to St. Louis for their anniversary. Nothing good ever really comes with leaving six kids to try to survive a day without a parent to scold and love and care for them. But I love my parents, and I know they kinda wanted a break from having to deal with everyone, so I don't have an issue with them leaving.

Until the goat got her foot stuck in the fence. I was super happy because I had just harvested 16 healthy zombies in Zombiefarm when I take a look outside and see Ivy, our little. white, darling goat with one foot caught in the fence. Naturally, I took a step back and evaluated the situation ... no blood, only a little violent thrashing. And then I started to panic.

We got her out okay though! Actually, she's not currently using her leg ... And well, I didn't, but my little brother and sister did ... God bless them for that, because I know I couldn't have done it without being an emotional nutcase. Actually ... I can't even look at a goat in distress without becoming an emotional nutcase! 

My sister Savannah said it well when she said, "One thing I can say about my dear sister Laney is that you can always depend on her to lose her head when things get tough." I think that should be said at my funeral after I've had my head cut off execution style. That would be cool ... Hehe! I can imagine the giggles that would run through the arena where my very popular body will be displayed as my sister said that exact thing.

Wow, morbid. (By the way, sometimes my imagination tends to get morbid. Ever want an example? Send me a message on FB and I'll send you some of my short stories from last year's Shakespeare class. Morbidity at it's finest.)

Anyway, after that lovely episode, I drowned my thoughts with the thoughts of one of my favorite Mormon mommy bloggers, C. Jane. (Look to my reading list to see her link.) She is SUPER funny, although a little unorthodox, and it was the perfect way to calm me down after a semi-traumatic evening. Let's fast forward to 8:30.

Hyrum comes in and see's me holding the iPad. Hyrum wants the iPad. "Hey, Laney!" he calls out cheerfully. "Hi, kid!" I cheerfully respond, although I really am trying to focus on the wit and humor of C. Jane. "It seems like you've been on the iPad for FOREVER," he whispers with a tone of I-want-the-iPad-right-now-get-off. "After we've read scriptures, Hyrum."

It really sounded like a great idea. Mom and Dad aren't home. The possibilities are ENDLESS. We could watch TV until we die. We could roast our lame goat and eat her flesh for dinner. But I really wanted to be the responsible A-D-U-L-T that I am and I decided that I wanted to continue our one day streak towards reading the scriptures as a family.

I gathered my flock around me and opened up the scriptures to Alma 42. I think it's about eternal life (that's kinda how our scripture study goes ... I always forget, no matter how attentive I am.), and I start reading to JoJo so he can repeat the phrases after me. Hyrum pants as he gets emotionally ready for his turn. Hyrum reads, Katie pants. Katie reads, Spencer pants ... You get the picture. Well, during this time, I notice Max, our dog on the verge of death is looking towards his favorite spot on the dining room floor. "Time to go outside, Max?" I say before reading my designated column. He doesn't respond.

I'm pretty sure my suggestion has killed him, so I go to check on him.

He's okay, so I return and read my verses. "And Alma said to ..." Right as we begin saying prayers, Max gets up and runs to his spot, and before I can get to him, HE PEES RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. I could only sigh and then drag him out with Brownie emotionally barking at his withdraw from the house. Great. Another thing to clean as I prep for mom and dad to return ...

So I read a little more C. Jane. And then I start emptying the dishes.

This day is almost done. It could have been worse, but it could have been better. Naturally, to make myself feel better, I turn on my most favorite song in the universe ... Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees. As I start shaking my hips unconsciously to the beginning guitar music, I know that my day just got a ton better. I quit cleaning and start dancing. I listen to the song another time, and then it's back to work. Actually, I started writing this blog post after this.

So today, I am grateful that the Lord made Bee Gees. I'm stayin' aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

Today I made a bazillion pounds of Mac and Cheese with Jojo and he came in with the boxes on his hand and said, "Laney! I'm a boxer!" I thought it was the cutest thing ever, despite the fact that he is totally naked. Eat your heart out ladies...

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  1. Haha first of all, the whole losing your head thing...so not funny!!! Silly girl. ;) sounds like you've had quite an adventerous day! Reminds me of a movie I use to watch when I was little... ' Adventures in babysitting ' its a classic!



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