July 8, 2011

i want ...

I went on a shopping trip recently ... It went well, all things considered.

I haven't been in a shopping mood recently, but I have fallen into a bit of money. Usually I have just the opposite problem. Most of the time I stare longingly at beautiful prints and pants and shoes that make my heart pound. Most of the time, I can't afford anything. But now that I have money, I find I want to spend it less and less.

But a couple of days ago, I realized that EFY was coming up ... and I had absolutely NOTHING to wear. Actually, I have quite a bit in my closet and the clean clothes hamper downstairs, still waiting to be folded and put away.

The need to shop made my brain go slightly crazy momentarily. Usually my gas ends up sucking up most of my paycheck, so I had to be sure to use my money sparingly. But of course, even with my modest budget, I splurged.

I bought five adorable shirts and a cover-up to hide their garish immodesty. I got two pairs of adorable shoes (on sale!) that I just fell in love with. At the end of the trip, I even had enough money to lend to my mom to pay for our monthly eye-brow threading ritual. It seems painful, and it is ... apparently. I actually never do this lovely technique because I maintain my eyebrows pretty well on my own ... and Savannah's tears of pain have made me a little afraid of the little Indian woman that informs me that my eyebrows need a treatment of their own.

Even with this lovely shopping trip, I find myself wanting things. Is that an awful thing? I feel pretty awful when I think about it. But it's true. I am human, for those of you that might be thinking I am an emotionless robot. I burp, I am a recluse, and I want so many things.

I want a Vera Bradley shoulder bag for school -- Despite the fact that my dad hates Vera with a passion now. I want a cute shirt that I don't have to modify to make it modest. I want a couple pairs of pants that actually fit me. I want a forty-nine cent ice cream cone from McDonalds. I want to be a painting, running, flirting, hair-falls-exactly-into-place, apostle's wife.

All that aside, five shirts and two pairs of shoes make me feel pretty darn happy! Hooray for shopping!

(I am feeling a little post happy ... bear with me! =) )

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