February 4, 2011

a day of play

Day 542 - I haven't seen sunlight because of this blizzard for five days. It's time to get out ... but this couch is beckoning my name.

Unfortunately, this hallucination was one that had to be shattered.

Instead ...

Day 4 of snowpocalypse 2011-

Totally disregarding most of the homework I needed to get done today -- finishing a paper, studying for a math test ... you get the gist -- I went sledding with the fam for the first time in years. Was it eventful? Yes, quite. Were there tears? Well --

Enough  questions. What happens at the Methodist Hill stays there. Luckily, I was able to scavenge a few pictures to document the event.

Uh, yeah. That's me ... and my dad. On a sled ... It was pretty terrifying.

The way up wasn't nearly as bad.

Mom and Dad are pretty cute together. Not even I can deny that.

Hyrum is bracing for the worst.

Savannah is DONE!

Don't let your opinion of me change by this creepy face. Believe it or not, I was trying to look attractive. :)

After the sledding, we hunkered down at home and watched a good old VHS. I think before this week, the younger members of our family didn't have any idea what a VHS is. Geez, am I that old?

In closing, injuries equalled 1. See Above. And for that I am grateful. Hooray for family time!

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