January 26, 2015

Week Fifty-Eight: Brillará, Brillará, Brillará

Area: Penco
Companion: Hermana Romney
Hermana Romney's Blog: Love Me Some Chileans!

Dear familia,

This week was really awesome. Just like every week.

I have felt the Spirit soooo much these past couple of months. More than I have in my life ... more than I have in my mission. I don't know what exactly changed. I think I stopped worrying so much. I stopped worrying about teaching techniques and how my companions and the members felt about me and I just started enjoying. Heavenly Father is happiness and wants me to have it, too.

We finally had an activity this weekend after a looong time of not having one. We were in charge of it and it was a Noche de Talentos. I am not a huge fan of talent shows (maybe because I don't have that many talents to show off to people), but it turned out really well. A lot of new converts and menos activos participated and everyone was sooo soo happy. I have probably never laughed so hard in my life. The Relief Society put on a sketch about us (the hermanas). It was so spot on. They exaggerated our accents and our gestures and the ward got the biggest kick out of it. Really, I think that activities are the key to bonding a ward together and increasing attendance in church. Everyone left the activity completely satisfied and everyone came to church the next day.

We had an awesome experience this week at the ciber. On Wednesday morning, we went into Penco to find a computer to use. The mission gives us 2 hours every week to do family history or to work on the list, and we hardly ever have a morning when we aren't doing anything, so we decided to take advantage of the situation. There aren't many internet shops in Penco, so we ended up at this little bookstore. After a few minutes of working, the lady who owns the shop came up to us and said, "Can I ask you girls a question?" Uhhhhhhhh ...

Of course! We waited for her to get done helping a few people to check out and she came back to us, "Look, I am passing through a really hard time. I know that you are Mormons ... I shared a looong time ago with missionaries and participated with you for a couple of years before I went back to my church (the Catholic church ... because in Penco, everyone is Catholic)." Hermana Romney and I looked at each other and raised our eyebrows .... and? She continued, "Well, the thing is, I went to my Catholic Priest because I am in a deep depression ... and he didn't do anything for me. I think you girls are my answer. I want you to come to my house to help me. Can you do that?" Uhhhhhhh ...

Of course! We went to talk to her last night and it was wonderful. She told us about her problems and I was stunned again with the authority of our calling. Hermana Romney and I are just 20 year old girls running around to share the Gospel. We are not doctors or psychaiatrists or counselors ... but the people tell us everything! They open up in a way that shouldn't even be done to friends that you've have for years. But, I have learned that that is just what the Spirit does. It helps people to have the courage to open up so that Heavenly Father can help them. This shop keeper isn't really interested in coming back to a Mormon church, but we think that she is going to come around eventually. She told us, "I don't know what made me talk to you guys. The Mormons helped me to get through a really hard time when my mom died ... and somehow I knew that you could help me get over this depression. You guys are special. You have something about you."

A lot of people have been noticing that Hermana Romney and I have the Spirit with us. One guy in our ward (Bernardo Pedreros) has started to call us the Dynamic Duo. He told us the other day, "I don't know if you guys can tell, but you have something about you that just radiates." People on the street even tell us that we have Christ-like countenances. Crazy stuff!

This week, we had an activity with the Relief Society. Actually, we started this thing where we get together every week and go to visit a less active lady in the ward or the people that can't come to church because they are sick. This week, we were going to visit one of our investigators, but they couldn't because they went out to the campo (BOOOOOO VACATION). So, quickly, we suggested that we go to visit a woman named Marcia that is Schizhophrenic (heck ... I can't spell diseases) and her mom that has been bedridden for six years. We went and only sang songs, but the spirit was just like a bubble that surrounded us. Our Relief Society President was crying and said, "Sometimes we make big problems out of such little things. Thank you for letting us share with you." Everyone left so edified. It was a great visit!

But this week, great visits were a little bit harder to find. Basically, all of our people in our grupo de enfoque left for vacation and we were left with very few plans. There was one day when we just walked and walked and walked and went through all of our plans. (This hasn't happened to me since Frutillares ... it was a little bit weird). The only house that we got into that day was the house of a SUPER Evangelical person. She had the cutest little nieta that reminded me of Minsy (just like all little Chilean girls). After we sang a song about Joseph Smith, the grandma asked her grandkids if they wanted to sing some of their Evangelical songs. I was totally down. The little girl started to sing This Little Light of Mine in Spanish and it was the CUTEST thing.

Mi luz pequeñita
Tiene que brillar
Mi luz pequeñita
Tiene que brillar
Mi luz pequeñita
Tiene que brillar
Brillará, Brillará, Brillará

It was the best! We just have to let our lights shine ... just like with Bernardita (the shop lady), and Hermano Bernardo, and the drunk men in the street-- the people see us and notice the things that we do! We just have to let our lights shine! And then we automatically have the chance to share the gospel. I love that, because it is something that I am going to be able to take with me for the rest of my life.

I saw a picture of Jesus this week that touched my heart. It is that one that we always put on our church walls ... the one where Jesus has his red robe and is just kind of looking out. I think Dad told me once that he could tell if he had truly repented and that Heavenly Father was pleased with him if he looked at that picture and Jesus was smiling. Throughout my mission, I have looked at this picture in the office of Bishops, in members houses, and in our own house and have always seen Jesus smiling. I know that Heavenly Father is pleased with my efforts. I really am trying the best that I can to be obedient and happy and to follow the Spirit. I know that this is the true church! I know that there is so much potential happiness that ANYONE can feel if they are willing to look for it!

I love you guys so much! I hope that you have a great great week and will let your light shine!! :))


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