December 8, 2014

Week Fifty-One: Listening

Area: Penco
Companion: Hermana Romney
Hermana Romney's Blog: Summer in Penco


We had a great week! Being a missionary is so much fun ... and being with Hermana Romney has opened my eyes to that a little bit. I love it so much! We have been seeing a lot of success.

I had my very first mini cambio this week! It was with a girl named Hermana Lance. To be completely and totally honest, this was something that was intimidating me a little bit about being a Sister Training Leader. I guess I remember all of the great leaders that I have had and all of the help and counsel that they have given me on mini-cambios ... and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do it.
Hermana Lance and I. :)
There really wasn't anything to worry about. I hopped on a bus with Hermana Lance and we rode fifteen minutes to get to a place called Lirquen. During the day, I realized that I was now the person that was supposed to make the day super awesome and fun ... no pressure. But it really wasn't that crazy. I love Hermana Lance. She reminds me a lot of Adrienne Fowers, so it was just a joy and a half being with her for the day.

In the end, we talked a little bit about how she was feeling. It was such a humbling experience to just listen to her. I feel like that is something that I have learned on the mission. I have learned to ask a few questions and then to just shut my mouth ... it is amazing to see what has happened as a result. Hermana Lance hugged me in the end and said, "Hermana Blau, I am so glad that you came to Penco." And I am so glad, too. I feel good.

We saw a miracle this week with a guy named Mauricio. He is the recent convert of my Grandma on the mission, Hermana Call. He stopped coming to church a cambio ago, and Hermana Corbett told me that he basically doesn't want anything to do with the church. We visited him two weeks ago ... and he was pretty ... well ... the word in spanish is pesado. Not really sure how to say that one in English.

Anyways, we decided to come back with Gabriel, the Elders Quorum President of the ward. It was incredible. We taught a little bit of what we were going to teach. We asked one question. And then he just started to talk. And talk. And talk. He told us a little bit more about why he didn't want come back to church. He let us in a little bit and I just sat there with my mouth shut. What a little miracle!! I feel like he is going to be alright. I know that he is going to come back to church ... we just need a few more miracles like that.
Our sweet tan lines.

Where those palm trees are is where the temple will eventually be.
And this is the view from the President's house. Awesome, eh??
There was also a convert of Hermana Corbett that we went to see the other day. His name is Benjamin and he reminds me of pretty much every little brother wrapped up into one. He is the cutest kid. Anyways, they didn't come to church this past week and I was pretty concerned. Retention is the name of the game that I am playing on this mission. I really want to make sure that these people that the other Hermanas have taught before me stay in the church. It is soooo important. SOOOO IMPORTANT.

We passed by to visit his mom the other day and she was not doing so good. She said, "Why do all of these trials happen only to me?" Once again, I put on my listening ears and just encouraged her to talk. After saying a prayer, I opened my scriptures and shared DyC 58:2-4. She said, "This was an answer to my prayers. Yesterday, I told my mom that I was never going to come back to the church ever again." SAAAAAY WHAT?? We just looked at her blankly. Uh, Hermana Karen?? She continued to explain that she had been really hurt when Hermana Corbett had to leave so suddenly and that going to church just wasn't the same. But with the scripture, she said that she was going to come back every week sí-o-sí. 


Crisis avoided.
Hermana Romney and I with a couple of cute girls in the ward
Every week, I am feeling happier and happier. I guess that the real thing that I have always needed in my life is a little bit of confidence in myself. A little bit of confidence in my ability to do hard things and a little bit less looking at others to see how well they are coping with their hard things. Nobody can know the quiet struggles that we go through. Nobody can know. So really, the best thing that we can do is work as best as we can and know that it is enough. I know that it is such an obvious thing ... but I guess I am realizing it more every day.

I hope that everyone is having a great week! I love you guys sooo much and I think about you guys a lot! We need to make arrangements for the Skype call!! Let me know when you can do it!!

Love, from sunny Chile (finally),

We had interviews with President this week ... in his house.
Oh my heck, what a crazy experience. His house is THE MOST
We also went this morning to their house to bake cookies and have lunch.
The perks of being close to Concepcion. #casualhangout

Hermana Gamboa. :)
Hermana Arrington with her confection oven. Wow, can't wait to use that
puppy when I get home. Also, I can't wait to use a dishwasher. It is the little things.
Hermana Arrington and I
Their house is beautiful. Something that I never felt before is just being sooo
at home with President and his wife. I love them sooooo much and I love
being around them! It was so much fun just sharing with them. :)

Hermana Osborne

Hermana Osborne and I. And a cookie.

Hermana Romney and I.

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