October 6, 2014

Week Forty-Two: Stretching ...

Area: Frutillares
Companion: Hermana Caseres

Dear familia,

Welp, we got news of cambios today. I was feeling a little unsure of what was going to happen ... I feel good about my work that I have done in Frutillares, and I was pretty sure I was going to leave on a good note. Imagine my surprise when Elder Calizaya told me, "You're going to be staying here for another cambio!" I couldn't really talk. I looked over at Hermana Caceres ... I am grateful to still be with her! We are going to keep on chugging in this little Rama. I am praying for a lot of strength and a lot of excitement ... if you could pray for that, too ... I would appreciate it.

This week was really, really slow in preparation for General Conference. It is amazing how different conference feels as a missionary. It is something sooo vital and so exciting! But a lot of wonderful things happened this week to make up for it.

We had a mini cambio this week! I was with Hermana Heslop and we had such a great time. It seems like we were just on a mini cambio ... but I loved it! Hermana Heslop has been such a great help for me in my mission and I am grateful for her example. There are a few things that I struggle with as a missionary that I have always wanted to improve (verification, commitments, etc.) and when I see the examples of other great missionaries, it gives me the motivation and the will-power that I need to change.

I don't really know what to write this week. It was a lot of the same things of every week! We are working hard with the members and are working on finding people that are going to progress. Heavenly Father is really helping us in that aspect. He is always preparing His children -- and he always has been ... Sometimes, we just have to wait to see the progress. This week, we had a zone class and I felt good about the work that we have done here. We are really doing the very best that we can.

General Conference was incredible! It is sooo awesome to think that I was watching the same conference talks that you guys were watching at the exact same time. When we sang the songs together ... the same thing. How powerful is that??

First of all, I got an answer about where I need to go to college. I have to go back to BYUI. I have to go back. I don't remember who was speaking or what was being said, but I felt pretty stinking sure that it was what I needed to do. As I was praying about this answer the other night, I told Heavenly Father, "You know, I am willing to do whatever you want me to do. I am willing to go where ever you want me to go. Just help me to know what you want and I'll do it." And He told me. He wants me to be at BYUI. Even though when I made my lists of pros and cons and BYU won by a landslide. Even though all of my friends from the mission are going to be attending BYU after the mission. I promise that my answer has nothing to do with boys ... I specifically took out that aspect because I didn't want my decision to be based on any person. So ... I guess that changes things a little bit.

I also LOVED the talk that Richard G. Scott gave. The Sunday afternoon session was awesome! I really was touched by the simple tools that God has given us to be able to receive His help in our lives. They are the things that He has always given us ... and they are always available ... sometimes, we have to make little adjustments to make them more useful in our lives. I personally feel so excited to better my study of the scriptures and my prayers. I really am committed to find out what the will of the Lord is in my life and to do it!

The Lord has a plan that is bigger than the things that I want. He wants me to strech and grow and reach my full potential. I know that. The stretching isn't always that pleasant, but I sure I am learning the attribute of patience and love. I sure am learning how to trust in the Lord with all of my heart.

So ... my letter stinks today. I am so sorry! Know that I am alright. I am going to keep trooping right along. If you have any missionary ideas that are awesome, I would love to hear 'em. Oh, I would also love to hear from the kids. I don't know if you could have them scan letters and send them to me ... I just want to read how everyone is. I love you all a lot. This love seems to get bigger and bigger with every minute that I am away from home. It's okay if you guys don't come to Chile to pick me up. The most important thing is that we are together.

:) Have a great week!


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