October 20, 2014

mission extra: answers to prayer

[Mom note: This is an email Laney received from one of her zone leaders in the MTC (CCM). It came at the absolute perfect time. Heavenly Father truly knows who we are, what we are going through, and what we need to keep going. Love this!]

Hermana Blau,

    Hey long time no see!  I had kind of a special experience this week and it involved your letters addressed to me from the good old days in the CCM.  The thing is with every good story we got to build the background first. So without any further ado....

   Well I have been struggling lately.  I am in a sector called Guaranda.  I am literally 2 hours away from any zone meetings I have and my companion has been a real test for me.  We had changes two Sundays past.  He and i stay another change and  he gets made the District Leader.  He had pretty much lost all desires to work and now I have another change with him.  I feel down. I have been really really sick spitting out blood. I am  Really down. I am not generating the Spirit like I used too.  I don`t have unity with him at all. Every day my comp just says things that get me down.   I don`t really have anyone to talk with about it since my parents always give an encouraging Suck It UP. We have some really rough days without too many lessons.  Getting the picture?

     Now comes the part where something cool happens.I am sitting down at my desk and my companion, out of nowhere, tells me to read a poem.  I read it aloud. It was about a missionary who had really tough days then prayed and had a vision where Christ talks about everyone of his problems and compares it to His life.  For ex.  my aching hands... Well i know how you feel.  It hurt a lot when they pierced my hand to the cross.  It was cool.  Sparked something.  My companion goes to bed and well I feel I need to go through the letters I have from people.  I found these words.  `` i know god is there.  i know he loves you.  if you can`t feel it please know that i 
can.  i can feel his love for you. all he wants is for you to live happily. and he wants to help you!  please let him help you.  we love you elder! do not be afraid to ask for help from us... or from god.  god never abandons his children. he never leaves you alone. he can, however, be pushed away. don`t push him out of your life. it takes hard times for us to know the good ones. opposition allows us to know that things may be hard but one day soon, they will get better. i have felt him carrying me through so many rocky shares in my life. he will do the same for you as you find yourself humble enough to ask for help:  from god, from your companion, from your leaders, and from your fellow missionaries. we are always here for you.``  (i wrote this exactly how you did in the letter) The only problem was this letter was not signed by anyone.  Luckily, I found the note that you said I feel inspired to write this to you and compared them side by side.  I found it was yours since you underlined words.  Then i knelt down and prayed. I finally let him in.  Honestly I have never been so thankful for someone just for following a prompting.  I don`t know your numbers. I don`t know if you feel like a successful missionary (though i doubt it because you totally rock) . I don`t really know why these things happen.   Just know that if nothing else in a way you have converted me.  I am forever thankful.  I wish I could do something for you.  Well know that I don`t really care what anybody else says. HERMANA BLAU is a SOLID MISSIONARY.  I send respect your way.  

   Now the end.  As soon as I did this the next day I felt the sickness go away. It was all thanks to Him. No medication could have helped or any doctor for that matter. The stuff that bugs me about my companion now I really enjoy.  My burden is lifted all thanks to an inspired note.  Sorry this is so long.  Thank you.  Really I think you have saved me.  Now you can definitely say that you have converted a missionary.  If you need anything let me know.  You would be surprised of what I can pull off here.  You`re right. He is there.  He wants to help.  He will take away your weight if you let him.  Now i see that by small and simple things such as a letter you can literally change someones` future.  May you ever be in the infinite love of Him is my prayer.  In the name of Jesus Christ amen.
a humbled and thankful friend,
Elder Shank

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