June 2, 2014

Week Twenty-Four: Waiting for Cambios

Holy cow, you can sure tell that this was a conference for Hermanas. :)
Area: Fruitillares
Companion: Hermana Peterson

[We got to email back and forth with Laney a bit today and she shared this: I talked to a girl that just came into the mission. She said, "Hey, I read your blog before I came out!! Thank you sooo much!" Haha, it made my life.""Sweet!]

Dear familia,

I just sent you all a big fat letter. This week, I am going to work on writing other people. Hopefully, I will be able to keep up with writing letters. They might end up being cooler than dinky recuerdos from Chile for you guys (but don't you worry, I am buying things more and more).

Haha, here is a good story. So, there is this creeeeeeeepy guy that lives in our sector named Adan. We always see him walking down the street. He usually isn't drunk, but he is incredibly weird. Like, touch your face and kiss your hand weird. Anyways, whenever we see him, I am always planning our escape (we never, ever talk to him for extended periods of time). This week, he was walking around when we were on our way home and he held out this apple to me as we were passing by. I graciously told him no and kept walking, but he held it out more and said, "Take the apple." Of course, to avoid trouble, I took it. How creepy is that? I felt a little like Snow White ... except I was smart and didn't eat the apple. :0

Well, another cambio has flown by in the mish. I spent the whole night tossing and turning (which is what happens every single cambio), wondering about what was going to happen. Hermana Peterson and I had a sweet planning session this Sunday with ideas that I think are going to help the rama [branch] like crazy. We went to bed with the sure knowledge that we were going to stay together.
Hermana Peterson and I! I LOVE HER!! SOOOO MUCH!!
After an excruciating 30 minutes of waiting for the news from Elder Weise, our district leader ... we got the call. "Hoooooooooola, Hermanas!" Elder Weise always greets us like that. We clutched onto the phone, waiting to hear, "Se quedan iguales!" but that didn't happen. Actually ... we are having a cambio. I am staying in Frutillares! Whaaaaaaaaahoooooo! I am going to be with a Latina from Guatemala named Hermana Deleon. Ohhhhh, I am nervous for this. My very first Latina! :) I guess that my Spanish will be improving promptly.

All the hermanas who live in my house.
Tonight, we are going to make popcorn while
everyone is packing and watch together forever!
I am super excited!! It is so fun to live with a lot of people!
Hermana Peterson is getting out of here. She really worried that she was going to stay here ... which would mean that she would only have three sectors in the mission ... but she finally accepted last night that the number of sectors really doesn't affect the success of a mission. I am so so so sad that she is leaving. We really got along and loved each other. I LOVE Hermana Peterson! It bums me out that I only got to be with her for four weeks.

Something that I have been learning lately is that Heavenly Father really knows what we need. I talked to Hermana Harris this past week at an Hermana's conference and she is doing so well with her new companion. Hermana Peterson and I get along super well, too! Even though I was a little (ahem, a lot) confused when I heard that I was leaving Chillán, I had a very special purpose here while I was with Hermana Peterson. She told me that I am like the mission nurse. I go to companions to make them feel good about themselves. :) I am alright with that.

Now, I am a little confused and scared and EXCITED! for what the future holds. I was sure that I would have more time with Hermana Peterson. People usually don't get thrown together for four weeks and get transferred right out. But, looking back on everything that has happened on my mission so far, I know that Heavenly Father has got it under control. He wants me to succeed. He wants me to grow. I have got to close my eyes and trust in His ability to make things work out.
No Bake cookies we made for Hermana Garcia (she went home today!).
I don't really know what else to say. This week was a little bit average. We had a SWEET Hermana Conference where all of the Hermanas of the mission got together to hear special talks about womenhood and what not. Basically, there are no bus terminals in Tomé that can get us to Chillán. This means that to get anywhere outside of Concepcion, we have to take a bus to Concepcion and then take another bus to Chillán.
 My ticket. Ahhhhh, to be in Chillan again. It was bliss.
The ride there is terrifying. Tome is nestled in a bunch of super high, high hills and the roads are super winding. Most of the time we have to stand on the bus because it is full of people going to work. In Chillán, I was leading a group of like, 30 Hermanas around the place because I was the only one that knew where we were. It was sooooo sweet to be in my homeland. I really love Chillán. Little did I know, Chillán is like the promised land of the mission. When we were on our way home, we tried to save a little bit of money by getting off on a busy highway to try to catch a not full bus back to Tomé. It was an adventurous day. :)
We woke up sooooo early to go to the Hermana Conference.
This is a big no-no in missionary world. Sleep is vital to survival.
But, the set up for lunch was so beautiful that it made up for it.
It was sooo much fun to be back in Chillán and to see all of my friends. What was incredible was that I looked around and I HAD friends. I still feel like such a newbie, but I am getting to know more and more people in the mission and it is becoming more and more enjoyable to meet up with them. It was especially fun being with Hermana Dunne. She is having some health problems ... but every time I see her, we just swap stories and pictures and experiences. Love it!
Hermana Dunne ... I love her!
I hope that everything is going well for you guys! I am praying a lot for you and I hope that you enjoy every second of your summer!! Sorry that this letter is a little lame ... Get ready for a flood of pictures. :)

Love you all SOOOO MUCH!

Hermana Blau

[Check out all the pictures from the Sisters Conference below:]

Hermana Arndt
Hermana Meyer
Hermana Canchan
Hermana Vasquez
Hermana Page
Hermana Garcia
Hermana Montañez
My little mission family. This is basically Hermana Call's posterity (her hijas and nietas).
Everyone was taking these family tree photos. :)
My 1st Companion, Hermana Harris!
Lucas Velasco and Audry Velasco. They were in my ward in Coyquen and I LOVED seeing them at the Hermana Conference, especially because I didn't have a chance to despedir them. :) 

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