January 27, 2014

Week Six (Off to Chile!): No Regrets!!

Area: Mexico City MTC (for about an hour or so)
Companion: Hermana Julia Dunne

Yesterday, we had a testimony meeting to say goodbye to our zone. I wasn't surprised to hear a lot of my compadres say, "I have so many regrets about the time that I spent here at the CCM. I wish I would have been more diligent and more willing to study." I want you to know that I HAVE NO REGRETS. I might not have been the most liked in my district (mostly because I didn't participate in a lot of shenanigans that were going on), I may have been studying for so long that I was physically exhausted, I might have come off as a bit of a Molly Mormon ... but now I am leaving and I am leaving with my head held high. I have had so many wonderful experiences here and I am super sad to leave. I am completely at peace though. I have done the best job that I know how to do. I have tried to give my all and have learned from the experiences when I didn't. Because of this, I have NO REGRETS. I want to end my mission the same way. I am going to work hard every day and will try really hard to relax and not worry too much about my complete and total inadequacy. If I have learned anything here, it is that if I work with everything I've got, Heavenly Father will make up the difference. I will be a changed person without even realizing that I have changed and I will have NO REGRETS.

Love you!!

My CCM District
Hermana Dunne and me at the Frisbee Lord ceremony.
(Check out the January 2nd entry for an explanation.)
Girls from our zone. I love them so much!
Hermana Uribe 
Hermano Terrazas. I actually still have no idea how to spell his name.
He is pretty much a stud!
Go Diego Go!

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