November 25, 2013

november 25

I am grateful for FAMILY HOME EVENING and MY HOUSE.

The weirdest things are the things that I found I missed the most about home. I missed my actual, physical house. I also missed the continuous noise of people being in a house. It's not something that I ever though I would miss ... but I do. I still am at a loss for words. That is ABSOLUTELY how content I am. I know that it might seem like my life has quieted a bit, especially here on the blog. Not so many adventures and not so many incidents with drama ...

Although I am not doing "exciting" things every day, I feel excited to be alive EVERY DAY. (Not that I am not excited to be alive when I'm at college. I really do love my life. It's just way more awesome to be at home). Life is still good. My mom, dad, and I are going shopping for missionary stuff tomorrow. I can't wait (I'm also slightly terrified). I can't believe how fast the time is going by. Only three more weeks until my mission!


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