August 21, 2013

the coolest thing ever

I can point to specific times in my life where I have had my plans totally altered because of a prompting I have felt from the Spirit. For example, when Thomas S. Monson announced the missionary change, my entire life plan changed with it. On another occasion, I felt the Spirit prompting me to be home schooled. It then prompted me to hop back into school for one more year. I love these moments. They help my life to have direction and purpose, and I really strive to be worthy to have the companionship of the spirit with me always.

The coolest, coolest opportunity was made available to me this weekend. I was able to attend a YSA activity where Randal Wright was speaking. For those of you that don't know, Randal Wright was the teacher of the class I was in at EFY when I felt inspired to be home schooled. I was pretty stinking excited for this activity ... which is saying something, because since I have been a YSA, I've been pretty reluctant to participate in activities. I usually dismiss these invitations with a casual, "Ehhh, I'll be at BYUI soon enough." When I heard that Brother Wright was speaking, I knew that I had to be there.

YSA events are really interesting, especially when observing from a "not on the hunt for a husband" point of view. It was basically JUST like a super Saturday ... except it was extremely apparent that every single person was on their BEST behavior. For some reason, this type of atmosphere brings out the confidence in myself. I love the feeling of not caring what others think. I know that this should be an every day kind of feeling, and I'm working on that being the case. Anyway, I loved meeting a ton of new, friendly people at a dinner before the activities.

Our first activity was listening to Brother Wright speak. This was ridiculously filled with Déjà vu. I looked at Brother Wright in awe. His appearance and manner of speaking was exactly the same. His talk was exactly the same as the one that I heard at EFY. I learned a few different important things.

  1. The spirit is what teaches, not necessarily the speaker. I love Brother Wright and think very highly of his speaking ability, but as I looked back on my experience at EFY where I received very personal revelation for my life, I was a little puzzled that I didn't receive any earth shaking revelations. I realized after he was speaking that it is definitely the spirit that teaches. While I was sitting in his class two years ago, I needed to hear specific things and as I listened I was able to hear. While I sat in his class two days ago, I needed to hear specific things ... and as I listened to the whisperings of the Spirit, I was able to hear. It was a good life lesson.
  2. The completion of goals is not the end. Like I said before, I heard the EXACT SAME talk that Brother Wright gave a few nights ago two years ago. I remembered all of the stories and the morals that I was supposed to take from the lesson. It was about goal setting and he challenged us to prayerfully make a list of goals that we wanted to accomplish. I didn't make many, but I tried to make goals that were attainable. As I approach my departure for college, I have come to realize that a lot of the goals I made then have been accomplished. I wanted to get accepted to BYU and BYUI. I wanted to buy a house. I wanted to graduate high school. I wanted to be worthy to send in my mission paperwork. These and more have been accomplished. So, what else is there? I guess during Brother Wright's talk I felt a validation that my goals that I accomplished were worthy, but that it was time to set some newer, long time goals. That is how eternal progression works -- it always is in motion (for either good or for bad), so I want to be doing all I can to keep moving forward.
So, the talk was awesome. I got the chance to thank Brother Wright for changing my life. It was a peachy keen time. The dance that followed was way fun! I love the stress free atmosphere of dancing; it definitely classifies as wholesome recreation when done right. I loved meeting new people and getting to see some people that I already knew. To not be the oldest person at the activity again was a joy. I cannot wait for college! Only three and a half more weeks!

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